Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Client shall supply Sheraspace with all available information, data, documents relevant to and required for their project on request.
  • Client shall extend all possible cooperation to Sheraspace for project execution, including free access to the site on prior intimation and during project execution.
  • Interior Execution work will be commenced only upon deposit of the full amount of the concerned project invoice. 
  • Online Interior Design Consultation and Commercial Design Consultation work will be commenced only upon deposit of the total charge for the Online service.
  • Sheraspace will not be able to modify, replace or cancel any items for which a purchase order has been placed and invoice raised.
  • Sheraspace will not be able to make any changes after design plan delivery for online services.
  • Sheraspace will aim to make online service deliveries within 7 working days for up to two rooms, provided that no unprecedented event occurs or takes place during the process.
  • Client may be exposed to sensitive or confidential information of Sheraspace (business data, contact information, design data, etc.). The concerned party will take appropriate measures to keep this information confidential.