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Mushtaque Ahmed, JJ Foods COO, conducts a knowledge-sharing session at Sheraspace

February 5, 2023 | By

It was a fantastic end to the week at the Sheraspace premises with Mushtaque Ahmed – Chief Operating Officer of JJ Foods Service Limited – one of the UK’s leading service providers in the food supply and distribution scene.

Image: From left, Sheraspace COO, Nizam Farid Ahmed, and CEO, Sarjeena Maodud, in conversation with the guest

From the importance of ensuring harmony amongst people, process and technology, the significance of team members acting as mini-CEOs in their company, to challenging age-old management beliefs – it was a rather enlightening evening of debates, knowledge-sharing and learning for us at Sheraspace.

Image: Team Sheraspace with Mushtaque Ahmed

We thank Mr. Ahmed for being so generous with his time, for sharing his story, his experiences and for engaging us all in a thought-provoking discussion.

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