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Webinar with Dr. Monique Boddington on the importance of gender balance and the value created by women in the workplace

July 24, 2022 | By

Gender equality in the workplace is important not only because it is “fair” but also because it enhances the overall value created in an organisation and consequently, positively boosts the economic performance of a country.

Given the importance of gender equality and gender balance in the workplace, and Sheraspace’s commitment to equality, it has been our pleasure to have Dr. Monique Ingrid Boddington, Associate Professor at University of Cambridge – Judge Business School, to discuss “The importance of gender balance and the value created by women in the workplace”.

Dr. Boddington discussed various aspects of entrepreneurship, gender, and women in the workplace with CEO Sarjeena Maodud and the Sherapace Team.

With Sheraspace being a 50-50 gender balanced organisation, we believe this dialogue serves to strengthen one of our core values of equality, as we work towards building further upon it.


Here are some key aspects covered in the webinar: 

  1. How important is gender diversity in an organisation?

It’s usually important, as a gender mixed team is seen to perform better as opposed to one gender team. It gives the organisation an upper hand, in terms of creativity, ideation and technology. One of the critical aspects of entrepreneurship is understanding the market dynamics which requires an organisation to think outside of the box. Therefore, having a broader breadth of people of all genders, can really bring new and  interesting insights. Needless to say, the right environment has to be ensured to give everyone a voice to present their ideas. 

  1. What can an organisation do to ensure gender diversity? 

Women are seen to face a challenge of striking a balance between their work life and household responsibilities. The post covid world, has given us an opportunity to reframe the gendered work environments. Due to societal expectations, women are seen to take on more of the household responsibilities which probably makes it easier to work from home. Organisations allowing that flexibility can make working easier for them and in doing so, encourage more of them to join the workforce. 

  1. How can organisations sustain a gender diverse team in the long run?

Making an organisation is always easier if you embrace diversity at any level from the start, rather than introducing diversity later on. It is critical to ensure that the practices do not become watered down as the population grows in order to preserve the diversity. As an organisation expands, the CEO will have less control over such practices, so embracing diversity must be integrated at all levels.

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