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What is an Online Interior Design Consultation?

September 8, 2020 | By

Have you ever found yourself in a state of confusion regarding one or many spaces’ interior set-up in your home? An expert design professional’s guidance in the matter would’ve been ideal to resolve your needs. However, hiring a Designer requires investment – financially and time-wise – which may not always be an ideal proposition.

You may have turned to online blogs, interior magazines or youtube videos for help. All of which are great resources to start with but lack one significant attribute. They are not catered to your unique requirements or your particular areas of concern.

To address the above issues, Sheraspace offers you the Online Interior Design Consultation service – the first of its kind in Bangladesh. The service is fully online, meaning it involves no in-person involvement from its clients. It is hassle-free and short-term – a complete contrast to typically long interior project timelines.

Here are a few frequently asked questions on the Online Interior Design Consultation service!

What is an Online Interior Design Consultation?

It is a one-on-one virtual design consultation. This service is ideal for you if you require assistance with interior design but do not want to commit to a lengthy design and installation procedure.

Through the Online Interior Design Consultation, you will receive a complete design plan tailored to your preferences, personal tastes, and budget, as well as suggestions for a theme and colour scheme, furniture arrangement guidance, and step-by-step instructions. on how to execute the design plan on your own. To learn more about our packages and prices click here.

What type of services does Sheraspace provide?

Sheraspace provides a full range of interior services, starting from end-to-end interior design & installation to short-term online consultations. Our services are:  

a. Online Interior Design Consultation 

b. Commercial Design Consultation 

c. Interior Design

How much will Sheraspace charge me?

Sheraspace offers different packages at various affordable price points.

The standard package will cost you 2800 BDT only. The premium package will cost you 3200 BDT only. The platinum package will cost you 5000 BDT only.

Does Sheraspace provide decor items?

Sheraspace does not provide individual decor items or furniture. But, we can provide custom furniture and source decor items only as part of an end-to-end Full Interior Solution project.

What type of spaces does Sheraspace design?

Sheraspace provides an end-to-end interior design solution for residential spaces, office spaces & studios.

Does Sheraspace provide interior design solutions for an entire duplex or triplex residence?

Yes! Sheraspace provides an end-to-end interior design solution for all types of residential spaces. There is no barrier to the size of the residence.

Does Sheraspace do interior design for rented homes?

Yes! Sheraspace provides an end-to-end interior design solution for rented homes.

Can Sheraspace give me a design plan without visiting the property site?

Yes. There is the option for our clients to send us the clear images, videos and measurements of their space and start the consultation process. 

Book your Online Interior Design Consultation here!

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