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Quarantine tips: 6 ways to find peace in your home

April 2, 2020 | By

With the outbreak of the COVID-19, it is imperative that we stay quarantined. In order to stay safe and fight against this pandemic, it is our responsibility to maintain social distance. It may be difficult to stay in quarantine for a prolonged period. Hence, in these troubled times, it is important to find peace and comfort at home to have a positive impact on our mental health. 

There are ways we can make the best use of this time in quarantine – that can be both productive and recreational for us.  We can make our homes peaceful and a place of interest by bringing some changes to its outlook, alongside cleaning, dusting and so on. Here are six simple and easy ways you can find peace at home in quarantine.

Declutter & organize

It may have been a while since you’ve had enough time to religiously organize and declutter your rooms.  So, you can start off by organizing items one space at a time.

Your closet is a good place to start. Arrange your clothes according to size, colour or type. For example, hangers can be used to keep suits, blazers and salwar suits, whereas drawers can be used to keep your t-shirts or tops. Each drawer can have one type of clothing, i.e. just t-shirts in one drawer so that you can find what you are looking for more easily. A well-organized closet has its perks. It helps save time, lets you find what you are looking for quicker, and it is an absolute treat to see neatly organized clothes every time you open your closet.

We may have many items around the house lying here and there or even in places they shouldn’t be in. You could arrange your items and supplies in specified places. Such as placing miscellaneous items in the storeroom, utensils in the kitchen, glass jars and plastic jars in individual cupboards and so on. Unnecessary household items give your home an untidy look. This can be the perfect time to recycle or rearrange that overcrowded cupboard, get rid of those unused utensils, and tidy up those unnerving wires coming out from the back of your television screen.

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Create a workstation

Technology has given us the privilege to work from home. If you are a student, you are probably attending online classes. We happen to spend a good amount of time working, either from our laptops or doing paperwork.

Since we are working from home in one form or another, it is important to make at least one room at home a work-friendly one. You can do this by using your study table – clear out the unnecessary stationery and miscellaneous items so that you have space for your laptop, study lamp and morning coffee. Make sure your set up is comfortable – choose a chair with a backrest and a lamp which is soothing to your eyes and helps you concentrate. Try to keep your workstation simple but functional. You can read the blog on tips to work comfortably from home here.

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Add colour and texture

A soothing colour and texture in your home can help you relax and feel at peace even in these trying times. We don’t have the luxury to bring in painters for painting the wall or go out and get paint ourselves, at the moment, but there are alternatives!

One of the great ways you can add colour is through cushions/pillows. Pillows come in various textures. Floral, patterned, or even solid coloured pillows can give your room that much-needed accentuation. 

If you happen to have spare sets of curtains at home, now may be the time to replace the existing ones. Addition of a new colour can help create a new kind of ambience. For example, a dark shade of curtains go beautifully in a bedroom, setting the mood for an afternoon nap.  

Another way to bring in colour to your home is via photo frames, wall paintings and showpieces. Maybe it’s time to take out your old photo albums and also put those photo frames to good use. 

Image: Sheraspace

Rearrange furniture

Having to see your furniture in the exact same place for so long can become mundane to the eyes. You can try rearranging your furniture layout to bring out a new look for your room. You will be surprised by how fresh and pleasant your room will look. As long as the relocated furniture compliments the structure of the space, you are good to go. But do keep in mind to not overdo it, for instance, make sure to not end up with a living room where the couches are facing away from the television. 

The same trick can be applied to your bedroom as well. Try changing the position of your bed. It might be interesting to sleep facing the north side of your wall instead of the east.

Image: decomg.com

Add greenery

Introducing plants to your home can be a new hobby to take up while being quarantined. Plants and flowers can add life and personality to your room. Be it cacti, cast iron plants or even asparagus ferns – placing them on a shelf, on coffee tables or on the floor in your living room will create a harmonious environment. It becomes your responsibility to take care of these plants so that they stay healthy and grow. This can, in turn, boost your mood for the better and make you happier.  

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Cleanse your home thoroughly

Last but not the least, to increase productivity, you can clean your home and give it newfound freshness. Cleaning shall also give you a sense of accomplishment, so give your house the proper cleansing it deserves.

More importantly, cleaning is the number one way you can fight COVID-19. By ensuring that your house stays clean, you are standing for a greater cause than yourself. Keep everyday-use items such as doorknobs, phones, table cloth clean and sanitized. You can read the blog on keeping your home clean from COVID-19 here.

Tidy up all those dusty cupboards and closets, try reaching areas you wouldn’t usually have the time to reach. All those nooks and crannies are probably filled with a lot of dust that needs attention. 

Your kitchen will require special attention, too. Make sure your utensils and culinary items are cleaned properly after every meal. The kitchen counters, dining tables and refrigerators are also used daily, so sanitize them and use them cautiously.

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We hope these tips will help you stay productive and engaged at home. After every task, please remember to clean up well – wash your hands and sanitize. Stay safe, stay indoors and enjoy your time at home!

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