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How to Decorate a Home That Catches Everyone’s Attention

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Decorating a home- whether it’s renovating the entire house or just changing the furniture- is always tricky. What looks good on other people’s homes may not go well with your space’s aesthetics. Learning to identify the special needs of your space and understand which furniture to buy, which colour to go for, and where to install the lighting is very important to transform your space which looks just like the pictures on Pinterest!

Image: Aliya Minibayeva

Here, we have hand-picked some experts’ suggestions that can transform your home just like a professional. If you want to know the secret to create a sanctuary that is cozy, lush, stylish, and yet functional, scroll down!

Don’t Just Follow Trends – Find Your Style!

Living in this rapidly changing world, you’ll often see interior trends changing with each season. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow all of them. Think about your space, your preferences, and your daily life. Then choose the trend you want to go with. 

For example, if you’re an extremely busy person who easily forgets about things, and likes to keep things in your line of sight, Minimalism may not be the best option for you. Minimalism is about keeping your space clean and free of clutter and unnecessary furniture. If you end up cluttering your home with clothes because you can’t neatly arrange them in the drawer below your bed, then you shouldn’t follow Minimalism.

Image: Minimalistic vanity setup
Image: Luxurious vanity setup

Remember, there are no rights or wrongs in decorating your space and no trend is better than the other. So, close your eyes and envision your dream space. Then analyze which theme is better for your home. That’s how you can pick the ideal theme for your home!

 Craft Your Vision with a Mood Board

Remember your childhood? When you played with art paper and colour pencils? Well, it’s time to go back to that. Explore Pinterest, Instagram, and other websites on the internet and pick your favourite designs. It could be an artwork that caught your eye or a dressing table setup that you loved. Gather your favourite designs and group the ones that go well together. Print the designs. Buy a large foam board and pins. Cut out the designs and pin them to the board. That’s how you can see how the designs would look together in your room.

Image: Mood board

To save money and protect the environment, you could skip the printing part. Go to Canva.com or any other photo editing website/app and create a mood board. Creating a mood board is a great way to unleash your creativity and create an organized design plan for your space!

Image: Digital mood board

Trial and Error: Test Before You Invest

Before buying paint or wallpaper for your home, try it out first. Paint your desired colour on A2 patches (16.5 inches x 23.4 inches) of your home and see how it looks. You should paint at least two patches on the wall, on the lightest and darkest part of the room, to understand how the colour looks with different lighting. For wallpaper, ask the seller for a small piece of sample and tape it to your wall, on the lightest and darkest part of the room, to see how it looks. 

Image: Coloring patches on wall

You can also use this method for buying curtains, rugs, or sofas. Just ask the seller for a sample of cloth and you’re ready to go!

Take Your Time: Quality Over Quantity

We often make the mistake of rushing to buy furniture or any other items for our home. Especially in the era of online shopping, we often buy things without thinking twice. Whenever something, be it an artwork, a curtain, or a chair, catches your eye, analyze whether it goes with your home’s unique aesthetic. If you want to buy a certain kind of sofa but can’t find it in your nearby shops, wait for it rather than hurrying to buy another that clashes with your aesthetic. Remember, purchasing something won’t take much of your time but their effect will last a long time on your space. So, take your time while choosing things for your home.

Image: Synchronized dining area

Measurement is the Key

Many of us have faced this problem- the same bed looks fabulous in your sister’s home but lessens your room’s beauty when placed in. This is because we don’t often measure the furniture and think about its shapes before buying it. 

Image: Modular sofa in large living room
Image: Modular sofa in small living room

An English Roll Arm sofa looks great in a large living room, but it also makes a moderately sized living room look cramped. A geometric-shaped modular sofa enhances the look of an open-concept living room and a  Chaise Lounge  makes a great addition to formal-looking seating arrangements. So, measure the furniture you want to buy and consider the scale of your room. Then consider the shape of the furniture and the shape of your room. After careful consideration, make your purchase decision.

Renovate and Reuse

You don’t have to empty your wallets to bring a classy look to your interior. Bring out your creative side to transform a piece of old furniture into something new. For example, change your bed’s setup by discarding your old bed’s wooden headboard and attaching a cushioned headboard to the wall behind it. It will give your room a luxurious look and save you from spending much more on buying a new bed! 

Image: DIY wall upholstered headboard

You can also reuse old curtains to make pillow covers, table runners, and so on. But always observe and analyze whether they look good with your overall home’s decor.

Don’t be Afraid of Colours!

Bring a joyful vibe to your space with a pop of colour! You can choose sage green or navy blue for your kitchen cabinets, or go with baby blue or lavender for your bedroom. But avoid choosing too many colour pallets for your home that clashes with one another or look over-saturated to the eye.

Image: Blue kitchen cabinet with white wall, floor, and countertop

To create a space that is visually compelling but maintains a balance, colour 60% of your space (walls, large furniture) with a main colour, 30% of the space(curtains, rugs, accent wall) with the secondary colour, and the rest 10%(decorative pieces) with accents. For example, if your space’s primary colour is light gray, you can opt for blue cabinets in the kitchen and a black accent wall in your living room. 

Image: 60-30-10 rule

In a nutshell, it’s all about choosing a main colour and adding complementary colours to create a colour palette for your home.

Go Bold with Your Walls

Image: Accent wall

Don’t fear to create a statement with your walls! Paint the wall behind your bed with tangerines or add an artsy wallpaper to your study.

 But whatever you do, remember to follow step 8!

Set the Mood with Fragrance

You know what completes the look of a fancy interior? Fragrances. Invest in high-quality scented candles or aroma diffusers. You can also go an extra step and create a DIY floating candle using essential oils and potpourri. This will allow you a greater range of customization throughout the year.

Image: DIY floating candle

Finish with Flair: Add Personalized Touches

Finish the look of your space with a touch of glam! Look for unique decorative items, such as lampshades, paintings, plants, sofa throws, pillow covers, etc, and pick the one that complements your space’s look gorgeously. 

Image: Accent wall

There you go! Your dream home is now ready!

Still unsure how to decorate your space that fills your needs and stands out from the others? Sheraspace is here to help you out! Click here on Sheraspace or call us at +8801738174440 to get professional advice and support on transforming your ordinary space into a breathtaking one!

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