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5 Home Coffee Station Ideas to Elevate Your Space

January 11, 2024 | By

Are you the kind of person who can’t function a day without coffee? Do you find yourself in coffee shops multiple times a month, drinking a latte and marveling about the wonders of life? Perhaps you are the person who only needs homemade instant coffee on lazy afternoons to be content.

Source: Becki and Chris

Whatever your need is, having a coffee station at home can cater to your coffee cravings and create a space tailored to your unique preferences. Here are 5 ways you can create a coffee station in your home and bring a new look to your space.

Minimalist Coffee Corner

This type of coffee station is exactly as it sounds – minimal and simple. To create a minimalistic coffee station, you can use floating shelves or a small console table to arrange and display your items. Opt for neutral colours such as white, beige, grey, black, or light wooden colour for the shelve and the elements. When buying items like coffee mugs, spoons, coffee maker, grinders, sugar and milk pots, try to buy products that have a sleek design and matches the colour with the overall aesthetics. When you are done with the shopping, neatly arrange everything on the table/shelves. You can also label the pots if you want. Adding a touch of greenery will easily enhance the beauty of your coffee station. 

Best For: Homes with small kitchen/dining spaces or homes that follow a contemporary/modern aesthetic.

You should opt for a Minimalist Coffee Corner, if

  • You love minimalistic design and have implemented a contemporary design (clean and modern or japandi) in your space.
  • You have a small kitchen or don’t have enough space to create a coffee station in your kitchen.
Image: Minimalistic coffee station, Source: Room For Tuesday
Image: Minimalistic coffee station, Source: Room For Tuesday

Mobile Cart Coffee Station

If you think you have too many coffee-related items and you often have guests over for coffee, a mobile cart coffee station will be perfect for you. This setup is not only practical but also adds a touch of flexibility to your coffee routine. Include shelves or baskets for storage, hang hooks for mugs, and place your coffee maker and essentials on the top surface. You can also create an accent wall to put your cart when it’s not being used. 

Best For: Avid lovers of coffee, people who do home offices, who like to entertain their guests with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, who value functionality and versatility, and homes with industrial aesthetics.

You should opt for a Mobile Cart Coffee Station, if

  • You frequently drink coffee and it’s best for you to have a mobile coffee station
  • You have too many coffee-related products and it looks cluttering if you arrange them in a minimalistic setting
  • You need a mobile station to serve coffee to your guests easily and comfortably in your drawing room
Image: Mobile cart coffee station, Source: Different-Wishbone81
Image: Mobile cart coffee station, Source: Busy Little Izzy

Bohemian-Inspired Coffee Station:

If you want to bring a pop of colour and an eclectic vibe to your home, a Bohemian-Inspired Coffee Station will be the perfect solution for you. Take a colored cabinet, open shelves, or a table for your setting. Mix and match colorful mugs, vibrantly patterned textiles, and plants or cacti to display on your station. Choose tapestries, photo frames with coffee-related quotes, or artwork to enhance the free-spirited atmosphere.

Best For: Homes with a bohemian aesthetic, people who enjoy a laid-back and artsy aesthetic.

You should opt for Bohemian-Inspired Coffee Station, if

  • You love colourful decoration, and your home has an artsy or bohemian vibe to it.
  • You want to change your existing coffee station as the season transitioned to summer/spring.
  • Your kitchen or the space you want to set your coffee station is spacious and gets a lot of natural light.
Image: Simple bohemian coffee corner, Source: Decor Apaa: On a Budget
Image: Bohemian coffee corner, Source: Feeling Home

Farmhouse-Inspo Coffee Station:

This setup is for people who are obsessed with rustic, vintage designs and crave the warmth of a small-town/village lifestyle. To create a Farmhouse-Inspo Coffee Station, use old or discolored wooden shelves or cabinets, vintage-inspired mugs, and copper spoons. Put coffee beans, sugar, and coffee mix in mason jars, and tie labels on them with pieces of jute ropes. You can also hang a chalkboard, retro artwork, or wooden sign with a coffee-related quote for a touch of nostalgia. To bring a cozy feel, put woven baskets or metal containers on your station alongside a flower vase.

Best For: Homes with a cozy, country-inspired aesthetic,

You should opt for Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Station, if

  • Your home has a vintage appeal to it
  • Discoloured wooden shelves and cabinets don’t clash with the overall aesthetic of your home (for example, the luxurious aesthetic doesn’t mix well with the farmhouse aesthetic).
  • The overall aesthetic of your space is vintage, modern farmhouse, or classic farmhouse.
Image: Modern farmhouse coffee station, Source: See Mama Go
Image: Coffee station using old furniture, Source: See Mama Go

Shelved Coffee Corner:

If you can spare a corner in your dining room or living space for the coffee station, you should go for the Shelved Coffee Corner idea. You can either upcycle a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf or create a built-in one in the corner. Arrange mugs in a way that looks neat. Instead of overloading the shelves, put extra mugs in a hidden drawer and cabinets. You can put a ‘Coffee Shop’ sign to create the experience of a small town cafe. You can also use mirrored glass built-in shelves to bring a luxurious vibe to your place. Alongside the coffee maker, put a large glass jar and scoop for the grounds and beans. Neatly arrange a set of matching mugs along with a sugar bowl, creamer pitcher, and teapot on the shelf closest to eye level to complete the decoration.

Best For: Homes with corner spaces/extra spaces in the dining or living area.

You should opt for Shelved Coffee Corner, if

  • You want to create a statement about your obsession with coffee in your home 
  • You have enough space in your home to create a floor-to-ceiling shelf.
  • You want to create the vibe of a small town cafe or create a coffee station that matches the luxurious vibe of your space.
Image: Cafe-inspired coffee station, Source: Kimberly Gavin
Image: Shelved built-in coffee stationSource: Jessica Kuper
Image: Mirrored built-in coffee station, Source: DecorPad

The key to a successful home coffee station is to blend functionality with aesthetics. Experiment with different layouts, textures, and decor elements to create a space that not only serves your coffee needs but also reflects your personal style. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a vibrant look, your home coffee station can be a charming and enjoyable addition to your living space.

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