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7 Types of Sofas To Enhance Your Space

August 24, 2023 | By

Selecting the ideal sofa is not just about adding a piece of furniture to your space; it’s about adding a statement to your living space that exudes your style and personality, and creates a comfortable seating experience for yourself and your guests. 

Image: Sheraspace

With an extensive range of sofa types available, each offering unique features and benefits, the task of choosing the perfect type for your space can be both exciting and overwhelming. Just as the right type of sofa has the power to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary, the wrong one can ruin the overall aesthetic of your living room. By carefully considering various types of sofas and matching them with your preference and practical needs, you can curate a space that not only looks gorgeous in photos but also serves its purpose of providing comfort and functionality. So, let us guide you through the diverse world of sofas and help you find the perfect fit for your home!

Sectional Sofa

A Sectional sofa is made up of multiple independent sections or pieces. The defining feature of a Sectional sofa is its modular design, which allows you to arrange the different sections in various configurations to suit your space and preferences. The number and shapes of sections in a sectional sofa may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer – some may even provide additional components like ottomans or recliners to offer greater customisability. 

Best For: People who seek functionality and maximum capacity in seating arrangements and want to bring out a playful, relaxed look to their living space.

You should buy a Sectional sofa if, 

  • You have a large living space or a dedicated entertainment area.
  • You have a large space and need to separate it to create distinct areas for work, play, and relaxation.
  • You have a big family, or often invite family or friends over to your house to casually hang out and enjoy yourselves.
  • You want to create a casual, playful look in your living space.
Image: Sectional Sofa, Source: Wayfair


A Loveseat is a type of small sofa designed to seat two people comfortably. It is distinguished by its compact size, typically measuring around 40 to 70 inches in width, making it smaller than a standard two-seater sofa. Loveseat is a charming and space-saving option that brings a cosy touch to any room- it can fit snugly into corners, alcoves, or even alongside larger furniture pieces, optimizing the use of space without sacrificing comfort.

Best For: People who want to make the best use of their small living space or want to create a cosy corner space.

You should buy a Loveseat sofa if,

  • You have a small living space where putting a traditional two-seater might look overwhelming and crowded.
  • You live alone or with your partner and don’t have guests come over often.
  • Your room has an alcove where you can’t put any sofa because they look too big or too small.
  • You are looking for a small, comfortable sofa to create a cosy corner in your space.
  • You want to add a piece of furniture alongside your sectional or modular sofa to create a casual and cosy ambience.
Image: Loveseat, Source: Opensky
Image: Minimal-styled Loveseat, Source: Overstock


Tuxedo sofas are characterized by clean lines, a tailored silhouette, and back and arms of an equal height, and are mainly used in formal settings or upscale living spaces. These sofas exude a sense of luxury and sophistication that can elevate the essence of any space.

Best For: Individuals who seek to bring a minimalist yet sophisticated ambience to their living space. 

You should buy a Tuxedo sofa if,

  • You want to achieve a stylish and sophisticated living room.
  • You often have colleagues and professional acquaintances coming over to your house for official purposes.
  • You want your office or the sitting area in your professional seating to exude elegance and authority.
  • You follow a minimalistic approach to designing your home.

It’s also important to remember when and where a Tuxedo sofa will not work. You should stay away from this type of sofa if,

  • You aim to create a fun, casual living space for your friends and family to hang out together. 
  • Your living space has a vibrant and eclectic design scheme with an array of colours, patterns, and textures.
  • You have a small living space where placing a tuxedo sofa may make the room appear cramped.
Image: Tuxedo, Source: NFM
Image: Tuxedo, Source: Rubeza


A Modular sofa has individual sections or modules that can be arranged and rearranged to create various seating configurations. Sounds familiar? You’re right. We introduced sectional sofas in the same way. In reality, there isn’t much difference between Modular and Sectional sofas, except that Modular sofas are more flexible and offer high customisation and adaptability, coming in a wide range of styles, materials, and colours.  

Best For: People who want maximum flexibility in their seating arrangement and prefer creative and unconventional designs.

You should buy a Modular sofa if,

  • You are a person who values design versatility- unique, unconventional shapes attract you.
  • You like to change your living room’s layout frequently and want maximum flexibility from your sofa type.
  • You have a large space and want to fill it with sofas of different shapes so your place radiates playfulness.
  • You have a small space and are looking for a clean-cut-shaped sofa that will fit your space perfectly.
Image: Modular Sofa, Source: Refinery 29
Image: Modular Sofa, Source: High Tower

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge is a blend between a chair and a sofa, and can be used for both formal and casual seating arrangements. Just long enough for you to put your feet up, this type of sofa exhibits opulence, sophistication, and an artistic vibe when placed in your living space.

Best For: Small living spaces. These sofas can also be used alongside Tuxedos or Sectional sofas in large living rooms.

There are different types of Chaise Lounge for serving different purposes. By finding out their purposes, you can buy the type that fits your requirements. 

You should buy a Chaise Lounge sofa if,

  • You want to create a formal seating arrangement or a reading corner. In that case, you should look for Duchesse Brisee, which is a combination of an armchair and an ottoman.
  • You want to put another sofa beside your Tuxedo or English Roll Arm. In that case, you should Meridienne, which is a slopping seat with a high headrest and low footrest.
  • You want to put a settee in your bedroom, hallway, dining space, or in your living room. In that case, a Recamier would be perfect, which is a bench sofa with raised arms at either end.
Image: Duchesse Brisee, Source, Home Poper
Image: Meridienne, Source: Shirley Hannan-French
Image: Recamier in Bedroom, Source: Homedit
Image: Recamier in Hallway, Source: Obsessed4interiors

These sofas differ in shape, texture, fabric, and structure; some Chaise Lounge embodies modern, minimal, clean-cut designs, while some follow Victorian aesthetics. Duchesse Brisee sofas are functional and customizable, but the other two types are not. Therefore, evaluate your options based on your preference, functionality, and the overall aesthetic of your home before buying a Chaise Lounge to get the perfect piece for your space.

Image: Victorian Styled Chaise Lounge, Source: Art de Vie Furniture
Image: Contemporary Chaise Lounge, Source: Wayfair

English Roll Arm

English Roll Arm is defined by a low, tight back, rolled arms and exposed wooden feet.  and a tailored silhouette, the English Roll Arm is ideal for people seeking to add sophistication and traditional charm to their living spaces. It offers greater seating space, creates an inviting and comfortable appearance, and brings a classic, elegant look to the space.

Best For: Individuals who prefer an upright seating posture and look for proper back support along with comfort in their sofas. This type of sofa is perfect for creating formal seating arrangements.

Image: English Roll Arm

You should buy an English Roll Arm sofa if,

  • You look for comfort in sofas but also want to bring a classic, timeless look to your living space.
  • You need sofas with proper back support
  • You often host guests, use the living room for formal occasions, or just want to enjoy your afternoon tea in a refined setting.
  • You value traditions and want to create a Victorian or traditional aesthetic in your home.
  • You have a moderately large living space.


Convertible is a type of sofa that functions both as a sofa and a bed, featuring a mechanism that allows the seat to be converted into a sleeping surface, making it suitable for accommodating overnight guests.

Image: Convertible sofa with storage, Source: Homary

Best For: Individuals who highly prioritise functionality and flexibility. These sofas are great for small apartments, studio units, or multipurpose rooms, where optimising space is crucial.

You should buy a Convertible sofa if,

  •  You have a one-bedroom apartment and you want to save space in your bedroom.
  • You need a sofa in your studio/office/workstation where you can take quick naps while working overnight on projects.
  • The child’s room in your home is too small to place a bed. In this case, you can buy a convertible that comes with built-in storage to tuck away your child’s toys and stationeries.
  • You often have guests come over and stay overnight, but your home doesn’t have a guest room. Or, you have a guest room but it appears crammed when placing a bed in it.
Image: Convertible sofa, Source: Furniture123

However, it’s important to note that a Convertible sofa may not be able to provide the same level of comfort as dedicated beds or traditional sofas. More importantly, due to their rising popularity, nowadays, many companies are selling Convertibles, but a lot of them are providing low-quality sofas that lose their functionality after use of a year or two. Therefore, it is better to be cautious and seek expert advice while purchasing a convertible for your space.

Source: Sheraspace

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