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6 Different kinds of wall textures and which one to pick for your space

April 30, 2023 | By

Wall textures can dramatically change the feel and appearance of your home. The days of only having a few colours to choose from for your walls are long gone. A variety of paints, textures, and finishes are available to give your walls a unique look.

The texture is a popular design element because it is a simple and inexpensive way to hide wall imperfections. Knowing about the different wall textures is essential to enhancing the aesthetic of your space. This blog will enlighten you on several wall textures that are more interesting than ordinary one-colour walls.



Every knockdown texture wall or ceiling has a distinct Mediterranean feel and is aesthetically striking. It has gained popularity in recent years due to its natural and rustic appearance.  

Knockdown texture is one type of drywall finishing. It has a more intense texture than a flat finish but is not as strong as popcorn or orange peel. Knockdown texture can be applied in light, medium, or heavy intensity depending on the style you want.


Spatter, stomp and mud trowel are the three basic knockdown texture types. Each has a distinct appearance and demands using specific tools and methods. While stomp is the most visible, splatter is the most widely used.


The combed texture is the way to go if you want to add motion and style variations. As the name implies, comb textures make use of combining motions.


Combing is an intriguing technique that uses your paint to create a threadlike appearance. These lines, which mimic the smoothness of luxurious silk, can be used to draw waves and curves.


It allows for artistic expression and impact, and its design can be simple or intricate. Depending on your interior space, you can select from a variety of comb textures.

The comb texture is ideal for creating a vintage accent wall. On a wall, it appears to be fish scales or a rainbow. The comb wall of a house adds a beautiful texture. Comb textures are therefore ideal for expressing a unique aesthetic.



Popcorn is a well-known wall texture because of its distinctive appearance. Popcorn walls have a certain beauty. Popcorn walls are fantastic because they effectively conceal flaws.

Popcorn ceilings are also known as acoustic ceilings because they absorb sound better. Its rough texture gives off a rustic vibe. Popcorn texture has gone up and down in popularity over the years, but it has a distinct layout in terms of wall textures. So, popcorn textures are bound to make a comeback.

Image: h.yegho/shutterstock

Popcorn ceilings are recognized by their textured appearance and feel and are commonly found in home entrance hallways and bedrooms. Popcorn, with its rugged and raw textures, can make an excellent home layout.

Orange Peel

The orange peel texture is probably the most popular wall texture. It is popular because it’s simple to use and inexpensive for everyone. The orange peel has the appearance and feels of citrus rind, hence the name.


Its texture is ideal for adding a delicate accent to any room. It’s a subtle addition that would look great in any bedroom or living space.

If you want to give your walls a vintage look, orange peel texture is undoubtedly something to consider. Since it requires less maintenance, it is an excellent choice for covering wall scratches.


When comparing how easy it is to clean knockdown texture and orange peel, orange peel excels in the cleaning test because there is less depth variation, making it easier to clean.

Slab Brush

Slap brush is a natural look that works well in a rustic-themed home. It’s also one of the most enjoyable to apply to a wall, so if you enjoy some action in your home, experimenting with a slap brush will be an exciting experience.


This texture is a rigid sunburst. It also requires a few materials to complete the look, which is helpful for anyone looking to make their home perfect.

Slab brush is a pleasant shift away from the standard spray-on textures found in modern dry-walled homes, such as orange peel or knockdown effects.


A deeply smooth drywall finish, also known as a Level 5 finish, is obtained by laying a skim coat of drywall mud across the entire wall, resulting in a splendidly even and smooth surface.

Smooth walls evoke thoughts of perfection. Depending on your furnishings, it can represent elegance and a certain sense of aesthetic appeal.

Various colour palettes can be used to enhance the elegance of your space while keeping the atmosphere and layout in thought.


A textured wall may be desirable to a smooth wall depending on a variety of factors; a smooth wall may work well in some situations, while a textured wall may be preferable in others.

Now that you have an idea about different wall textures, do you feel ready to pick the right one for your space? To consult a professional regarding interior design for your space, get in touch with us at Sheraspace! 

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