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6 tips to pick the right area rug for your interiors

May 9, 2020 | By

Area rugs can be defined as artwork for the floor. They are practical, cosy and provide comfort over wooden, concrete or tiled floors. 

When tackling your room, start with the area rug first and build your room around it. Add a patterned area rug to a room that lacks excitement, or a simple plain rug to complete the look of your space, and problem averted! 

Area rugs are powerful design tools but it can be scary to deal with patterned rugs and choosing the right size. Pattern mixing can be daunting as a lot needs to be considered and decorating mistakes can be expensive. But don’t let these fears get to you. Read this blog to further enlighten yourself about area rugs and how to style them.

1. Choosing the right size

Picking out an appropriately-sized rug helps to tie the entire space together. As for the positioning, you may want to position all your furniture on top of your rug or you may prefer just the front two legs of the sofa to be on the rug. This gives the illusion that the space is broader than it really is.

Generally, for most average-sized rooms, there ought to be at least 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between the rug and the walls of the room. 

Ensure that the rug is at the centre of the room, and the distance between the wall and edge of the rug is equal from all four sides.

To ensure you’re using the right rug, you may read up more on how to avoid using a rug of incorrect size here. 

2. Solid vs. pattern

When it comes to patterns, not everyone is enthusiastic about it. If your room has loud, patterned furniture, then settle for a solid textured rug to give a calming effect. On the other hand, if your walls and furniture are all solid colours, go for a patterned rug to bring your room to life.


3. Choosing the right style

Just like furniture and room styles, there are different rug styles as well. Before jumping into the conclusion of which rug style to go for, you should take your time and figure out the vibe of your room. Note to yourself that not all the elements and furniture in your living space need to be aligned with your area rugs.


Aztec rugs add a bohemian touch to your space. They lay a solid foundation for the home’s decor. They are well known for their timeless tribal patterns and powerful designs. You can let your rug steal the spotlight accompanied by mellow, muted furniture.

If you wish to keep it simple and play relatively safe, then it is totally okay to opt for neutral tones of grey, beige or white.


Such rugs go exceptionally well with Scandinavian style homes.


The right furniture and coffee table should pair with an appropriately stylish rug. Geometric patterns across neutral colours, area rugs can be moulded into contemporary home interiors to create a calming living space. The addition of the rug will give your room a sense of comfort. Totally minimal but still gorgeous is the perfect way to describe it.


Victorian rugs feature lots of patterns in bold colours. Modern Victorian interiors incorporate these rugs into their design. The mix of traditional and modern design makes for a lovely space. 

4. Picking the shape

Play around with different shapes rather than sticking to the traditional rectangular sized rugs. Let the vibe of your room and the furniture decide which shape to go with. Maybe a square rug would look fabulous with the interiors, or a circle or maybe even an oval-shaped rug! 


A round area rug can be used to create a soft and playful ambience. It makes small spaces in the room feel larger. It is designed to be a focal point rather than a basic floor covering. Round jute rugs can make a statement, add warmth and create a relaxed coastal vibe.


Keep an asymmetrical rug under your dining table and this will add uniqueness to your dining space. This is inventive and modern as asymmetrical rugs are not widely used in interior spaces.

Don’t limit your options to a certain shape of the rug, instead, let your space set the tone and influence the shape of your rug.

5. Comfort

Ever feel extremely exhausted after a long day at work and need a fluffy surface to collapse upon? Cue the endless options of cuddle-worthy area rugs. Starting from faux fur area rugs to cotton and wool, all these materials will provide you with the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation. Besides being extremely cosy, they are also budget-friendly!


When thinking of comfortable rugs, undoubtedly faux fur comes to mind. It is cosy, welcoming and is establishing itself as a very popular trend in the interior design industry. One of its extraordinary attributes is that it can give a luxurious yet inviting feel!


Cotton rugs are the epitome of comfort. These rugs are super comfortable and easy to maintain, as they are machine washable. Position the rug underneath your bed so that once you step out, your feet sink into the pillowy cotton fibres gracing your floor. 


6. Care and Maintenance 

Lastly, when choosing a rug, make sure that the rug material suits the flooring below. Most rugs need to be vacuumed on a regular basis, however, high-pile rugs are difficult to vacuum, unlike low-pile rugs. They are high maintenance and may require professional help. 

Plain white rugs are ill-suited to parents with toddlers, as chances are, they will most likely be stained by crayons or food crumbs (shocker!). 

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, otherwise, the colours of your precious area rug might fade off.

We hope this blog can assist you in successfully decorating your room with the perfect area rug! For professional interior design assistance or online design consultation, contact us today!

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