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A look inside Munzereen Shahid’s Contemporary Styled Home

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Home – a place where we feel comfortable. Surrounded by loved ones, memories and familiar spaces – our homes are intrinsically tied to our daily lives and meant to be a reflection of each of our unique personalities.
Such was the requirement of Bangladesh’s favourite educator – Ms. Munzereen Shaheed. When finishing up her Masters at the University of Oxford, Ms. Munzereen was preparing to move back to Dhaka. She wanted to create a space that would remind her of her time spent in the UK with elements of contemporary United Kingdom.

Image: Moodboard concepts for the bedroom

Miles away from the UK, Ms. Munzereen collaborated with the Sheraspace Team in Dhaka to put together her dream space. The Designers at Sheraspace put together a contemporary-styled bedroom in a blend of pearly white and pink tones.

Image: Moodboard concepts

Master Bed

Since the theme of the master bedroom was contemporary, a calming colour palette was used, reflecting a minimal, contemporary outlook and providing a tranquil ambience for relaxation. Pastel pink colour walls created a zen environment, while white furniture and ample lighting made the room look spacious and bright.

Image: Sheraspace

One of Ms.Munzereen’s requirements was to have a nightstand beside the bed and a closet of three-four doors with a vanity in her bedroom. Understanding her requirement, the designer placed a white-painted wooden bed with a complementary white nightstand and a lamp to go it. This set the tone for an overall clean look. 

Image: Sheraspace

The vanity was designed with an oval-shaped mirror with floating wall-fixed storage drawers, which completes the contemporary mood of the space. Warm focus illumination over the vanity ensures that there is an adequate amount of light when the vanity area is in use. In addition, the photo gallery adds a great touch of personalisation to the space, creatively turning a narrow corner of the bedroom into one of its attention-grabbing highlights.

Image: Sheraspace

An empty corner space was decorated by putting an Salmon-pink accent chair and a coffee table to go with it. Curtains in matching shades of pale pink and white, softly furnish this cosy space.

Image: Sheraspace

Living Room

Neutral-coloured furniture was used for the living space to maintain consistency with the other rooms in the home. Ms. Munzereen wanted a cosy living room that exhibits warmth. To create a living room where she can relax in her free time and have friends over — a friendly, playful look was created by adding a section sofa, ottoman, and colourful throw pillows. 

Image: Moodboard concept for the living room

A sleek TV unit with wall-mounted TV and abstract paintings on the wall brings a modern look to the room. The designer added plants to balance the coldness of the Modern-theme and give the room a refreshing touch. A floor lamp, chandelier, track lights, and diffused lighting under the TV unit ensure that the place is well-lit and looks inviting.

Image: 3D sketch for the living room

Dining Space

We went for a funky seating arrangement in the dining room with a pale-wood round table and upholstered fabric chairs. From a choice of multi-coloured vs. solid – Ms. Munzereen picked a solid blue chair coverings to add character to the otherwise white and muted dining space.

Image: 2D sketch of the dining area

White dining cabinets and wall-adjusted refrigerators serve the purpose of storage and refrigeration. Abstract paintings and accessories like candles, vases, diffusers and fridge magnets add colour and character to the space and, along with it, a subtle boho vibe.

Image: Moodboard concepts for the dining area
Image: Sheraspace
Image: Sheraspace

Simple, elegant and an overall clean look with subtle pops of colour –  Ms. Munzereen’s home exudes an ambience of warmth and cosiness – just what she wanted. 🤍

Image: Munzereen Shaheed in her newly designed residence

Want to design your home?

Team Sheraspace had a great time collaborating with the innovative Ms. Munzereen to create her cosy haven.

We hope you enjoyed this tour of Ms. Munzereen’s contemporary-styled home.  If you too want to explore solutions for your dream space, get in touch with us at Sheraspace.

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