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How to create a happy home using Feng Shui Principles

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The literal translation of Feng Shui is ‘Wind and Water’. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that tries to create harmony between nature and your home. Many of us live disconnected lives from nature, and feng shui allows us to bring natural energies back into our homes. Feng Shui helps with temperament, vitality and overall well-being.  

Emitting happy energy in your house and keeping you jolly is the primary goal of Feng Shui. You can design a space from a feng shui perspective, and we can use feng shui philosophy when applying basic design elements like light and colour. A few ground rules can help you get started with it immediately. 

Getting rid of clutter

We often tend to hold onto things that are not useful anymore. These things can take up a lot of space and raffle up the room. It is best to get rid of these things to unclutter our houses. We need to ensure that we have enough moving space and keep the walkways free. Any unnecessary object could be recycled or donated.

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Maintaining a colour combination

Maintaining a colour pattern is very important. An unbalanced colour scheme creates negative energy. If a room of your house is painted in a light pastel colour, it is ideal for making sure that the other rooms follow a similar tone to maintain harmony. The furniture of one room should be similar in colour. It would create a soothing ambience and add to your aesthetics.

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Keeping your home well-lit                                     

It is necessary to keep every home well-lit because dark spaces can reflect negative areas of your life. The best way to bring in some light is to make sure your windows are kept open. Besides this, you can read 7 ways to increase natural light in your home for more tips.

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Bringing in Feng Shui plants

Plants make everything complete. Indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a house. It boosts ‘dopamine’, which is known to be the ‘Happy hormone’. Indoor plants can boost your happiness, reduce your stress and enhance your creativity. That is why indoor plants are a must to strengthen the aura of your home. To learn about what indoor plants to decorate your home with, read this blog

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Utilizing the command position

The command position is the location of furniture with respect to the door. The best spot of the room should be diagonal from the door with a solid wall behind. This represents ones ability to handle opportunities or threats effectively. 

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A home is a place where we are the most comfortable. Where we go to relax after all day of struggling, it is indispensable to have a healthy environment at home. So with these tips, follow Feng Shui to achieve comfort and mental peace and turn your house into a home.

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