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8 simple ways to decorate your dorm room

October 10, 2020 | By

Dorm rooms serve as a home for students during the time they spend at university or college. Hence, the importance of having a homely and engaging ambiance is undeniable.

You may have the creative freedom to curate your own space. However, it can be overwhelming to choose how you should decorate your room. Whether this is your first time living in a dorm or you’re looking to spruce up your old dorm décor, we’ve got you covered! 

To make your quarters more organized, accommodating and gratifying to live in, here are 8 ways in which you can decorate your dorm room.


1. Enhance with versatile items

University dorms are usually compact spaces. You have to be smart and get types of furniture that are multi-purpose. Bigger pieces are likely to take up most of the space in your room and make it appear cramped. If you have the liberty of choosing your own furniture then get creative. Go for foldout sofas that can serve as beds, wall-mounted and fold-able tables, or even ottomans which can act as a storage box. It’s all about increasing functionality using multi-functional pieces. Not only will this make the room spacious, but it will also create a more welcoming environment.


2. Create storage

To avoid a messy and unorganized area, finding new ways to utilize existing space is imperative. Under-the-bed storage containers? Pocket organizer? A stackable cubby? A hanging organiser? These are just some of the ways you can make use of your space efficiently. Extra storage is always needed, especially when you live in a dorm room. It’s hard to find in your belongings otherwise. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough closet space, using hanging organisers and light-weight mesh drawers. Different sized compartments can help to create more than ample storage space. 


3. Illuminate

Insufficient lighting or a tiresome dim ambiance? Fret not, there’s an easy fix! Just string up some fairy lights on the wall or even a neon sign to give it a personalized touch. Not only does this look good, but it also provides you with a mood-lifting environment. At the same time wall scones or desk lamps can also help brighten up your room. They are especially helpful for focused-lighting required while studying.


4. Showcase your personality

Your room should be an extension of who you are. Print out your favourite quotes, posters or even pictures to decorate the walls in your room. Not only will this add more personality to the space but it’ll also help create an environment that you can relate with. Furthermore, you can make your own DIY gallery wall featuring pictures or frames. You can tape the images on the wall or make use of a metal wall rack or a bulletin board to showcase creative artwork or your treasured memories. The options are endless and it won’t cost you much either!


5. Cover up the walls

Dorm rooms are periodically renovated and many have plain walls that tend to be unsightly. However, there are easy ways to add some vibrance to those walls. The first one being pasting removable wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in different colours and designs which can easily liven up your surroundings. Or you can also put up a colourful tapestry of your choice. This will essentially do the same job as wallpaper and will, in fact, look quite artsy!


6. Cosy it up

Your dorm room will serve as your safe space for the time you spend in university. It’s essential to make it as comfortable as possible. Indulge yourself by buying new bedding, soft pillows, cushions and blankets. Moreover this will help to bring more texture to the decor. Incorporate a comfy rug to add further character to the space. To sum up it may sounds like a lot of spending but we call it an investment!


7. Nature’s accessories

Indoor potted plants serve as great accessories. You can opt for succulents, snake plants, pothos, and many more. Accessorise your desk with potted plants, keep your plants by the windowsill or even hang up a pot on your ceiling. Moreover indoor plants are easy to maintain and enhance the air quality of the room. It also adds a pop of colour.


8. Bring a piece of home

University may be the first time students are away from their home for a long period of time. It’s a big step to be living alone. Especially in a place where you may not know anyone. Just because you are living in a new space doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be new.

During this transitional period, it helps to have something that reminds you of home. It can be your childhood blanket, a stuffed plushie, a picture of your family or a memento of your friends. So that whenever you feel homesick you can feel comforted and loved.

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University in its own is a life-changing experience. You discover so many new aspects of yourself and you grow up as an individual. In that sense, your dorm room is an everchanging expression of yourself. Albeit, it is only a few square-footage in size, it is your home away from home.

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