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10 tips to redecorate your kitchen on a budget

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Planning to redecorate your kitchen but don’t want to go down-and-out with the cost of a major makeover? A kitchen on a budget that has a high-end feel but a reasonable price tag seems like an impossibility, right? Allow this guide to change your mind and help you redecorate your kitchen at an affordable price. Read this blog to get some quick and easy ideas for affordable kitchen updates!

Replace cabinet doors

Begin with baby steps and work with what you have. Replacing cabinet doors involves the task of removing existing doors, hardware and face frames while the cabinet boxes remain where they are. Removing dull, wooden cabinet doors and installing new ones will give your kitchen a fresh new look. Be fearless and go for a nice pastel blue or the colour of your choice to add some life to your kitchen. The results will be worth it and you will not regret it!

Image: earlyexperts.net

Dress up the wall

Have old vintage dishes and want to throw them away? Think again and bring out your inner creativity! Use your once used plates as an accessory to grace your kitchen wall. Putting up your collection of plates on the wall will also enable adding a touch of you in your kitchen! So why spend money on new plates when you already have existing ones? Think about it this way, would you rather hang something on your wall that reminds you of a memory and holds meaning or buy new plates that might eventually end up in a box when you get bored of the look on your wall?

Image: smalldesignideas.com

Under-cabinet lighting

It’s no secret that the key to a sleek looking kitchen is good lighting. Yes, it is easy to brighten your kitchen up with a ceiling light but what many people miss is the under-cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting will be sure to give your kitchen a modern look!

Image: ylighting.com

Countertops under the cabinets are often dark due to the shadow falling upon them but under-cabinet lighting will provide you with an extra boost of light in previously dim areas. Illuminating under the cabinets will help you do your work with ease, for example, chopping fruits and vegetables. A nicer ambience and convenience during meal prep by adding such an affordable feature is a win-win after all!

Hang pendant lights

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important parts of kitchen decor and fortunately, adding proper lighting can be done in a short time and a minimal cost. You’d be surprised by how much can be done even when sticking to a strict budget!

Plain and simple light bulbs can be used as pendant lights, over an open counter with barstools, to give that boost of brightness to your kitchen. Put on lighting dimmers to set the mood for everything starting from romantic dinner dates to cosy family gatherings.

Image: Sheraspace

Introduce the three-colour palette

Colour is a powerful design tool and is one of the most inexpensive ways to update your kitchen. It can change your perception and bring your attention to elements that are worth highlighting.

The perfect colour combinations do not happen by accident, it could be a well-planned process that involves the three-colour palette.

Image: decorpad.com

Colour 1 is the existing kitchen colour that will remain unchanged, build your kitchen around this colour. Colour 2 will be the neutral colour of your choice that complements colour one. Lastly, colour 3 is the bold colour that will add uniqueness and lively energy to your kitchen.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds and once you start, you will know which direction and colour scheme you want to take your kitchen towards.

Create organised storage

Make your snacks easily accessible by creating snack drawers. You can keep these on display or attach a sliding door to have room for movement. Keep fresh bread in a basket and throw away the cereal containers to give a more organised and sorted-out look.

Image: Annie Schlechter

Open shelving

Many people steer away from the concept of open shelving because let’s face it, it can be terrifying to expose our clutter and mess for the world to see. As the famous saying goes – “change begins at the end of your comfort zone” – so let’s challenge ourselves and bravely tackle this fear!

Image: homespecially.com

Wooden shelves with green accents can give a chic look to your kitchen and will act as a backdrop for your focal point. It’s obvious that plates and bowls should be stacked here, but throw some books and vases in there to create fun decor.

If you are still feeling intimidated, limit your shelf to one side of the wall and you can store the rest of your prized possessions inside your cabinet.

Paint appliances stainless steel

Don’t have stainless steel appliances? Don’t worry, here’s a little tip: you can paint your appliances stainless steel! This gives your kitchen a dated and sophisticated look for a fraction of the cost of buying new appliances.

Image: lilihalodecoration.com

Add a breakfast nook

Optimise your space and convert the neglected corner of your kitchen into a breakfast nook. At a very minimal investment, it is easy to transform this space into a cosy lounge-worthy area. This place can be the perfect spot to have a warm cup of coffee with your favourite book in your hands or to grab a quick meal.

In addition, the breakfast nook can create scope for storage in small spaces by adding a set of drawers under your seating, now you’ve got yourself a multi-purpose breakfast nook!

Image: archidea.com

Get started now!

Redecorating your kitchen only requires your slightest attention to detail and a bit of inspiration. No amount of money can add a homely touch to your kitchen unless you are willing to dedicate some time to it yourself. 

Now that you know the secrets to redecorate your kitchen on a budget, what are you waiting for? Reorganise your kitchen, clean your clutter and get started on updating every corner! For professional help with renovating your space, contact us at Sheraspace!

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