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5 Types of Rugs and Which One You Should Choose

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A rug can change the look and ambience of a space, and the material it is made influences the way it looks and satisfaction standards. A rug serves as the room’s cornerstone and establishes the furnishings. It does not just protect your floors, but it also provides cosy warmth and is a great way to add colour and make an aesthetic statement. However, given many factors to consider, deciding on the right rug for your space can be a confusing task. 

Here in this blog we share some rug options for you to consider. 

Shaggy Rugs

Due to their shape resembling noodles, shaggy rugs are a variety of floor rugs with a lengthier pile length than other rugs. This longer pile length has a much looser feel, hence the name “shaggy.”

 Image Source: landofrugs

The warmth created by shaggy rugs on your floor is incredibly useful in the winter months for anyone with carpet or wood floorboards – ideal for a cosy night in your living room.

Image Source: Online Carpets

Wool is by far the best material used in shaggy rugs for a variety of reasons, including its hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and fire-resistant properties. 

Because of long pile cushions and the impact of footsteps on your floors, shaggy rugs can also help to reduce noise in a home or office.

Jute Rug

Jute rugs are made of natural fibres derived from vegetable plants. The plant fibres are made into strands that are woven into knots and braids depending on the desired pattern of the rug. The rug is composed of these knots and braids.

Image Source: New York Magazine

The high tenacity, heat insulation properties, absorbency, and rough texture that is easy to clean make this material an excellent choice for the rug. Jute rugs can be vacuumed as well as spot cleaned.

Image: Overstock

A handwoven jute rug’s natural fibres add a stylish, raw texture to your home. Jute rugs are also a popular base for more colourful, patterned rugs due to their chunky knit weave.

Because jute is a fast-growing, replaceable fibre, the production of jute area rugs has no negative environmental impact. These eco-friendly rugs are excellent alternatives to potentially expensive machine-made rugs. They are both recyclable and biodegradable, which is a plus if you decide to change your decor.

Persian/Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are those that are hand-knotted only in Asia, which today includes China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Turkey, and even Russia. Persian rugs also are hand-knotted, but a true Persian rug is one that was made in Iran.

Image Source: Online Carpet

Persian and Oriental rugs are simply made with far more care than most modern rugs. They not only provide long-term, resilient benefits to the home, but they can also be investments that increase in value over time, not to mention having a great deal of sentimental value. 

Image Source: Persian Rugs

Nothing improves the look of a room like a Persian rug. A dining area will benefit immediately from the addition of a traditional Persian rug in terms of ambience. Oriental and Persian rugs can completely transform the appearance of your space. 


Satranji is a native Rangpur floor mat or rug. This Satranji has excellent colour, the design is washable and can be used for a long period.

Image Source: Desha

Shatranji rugs feature traditional patterns and vintage colours that will complement any décor and add a unique, antique, and appealing appearance to any floor or bedroom.

Image Source: Satranjicraft

It is a rug that is used as both a fashion element and flooring to keep the bitter cold of the original location  It is used as a rug or for creative purposes. In Bangladesh’s northern region, Satranji is regarded as an embodiment of nobility.

With a mix of traditional and aristocratic ambience, Satranji will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your space.

Animal Hide

A hide rug is the entire skin of an animal that has been chrome-tanned or vegetable tanned. Hide rugs, like other leather products, will have distinct markings. These rugs are soft, long-lasting, and durable.

Animal hide rugs are an excellent way to modernise any living space. They can be used alone or layered over another rug to create a contemporary look. Hide rugs are available in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes. They can be animal skin-shaped or the traditional rectangle area rug shape. 

Image Source: Tomtom Cow Hides

Animal hide rug has a natural shine, is extremely soft, and is odourless if thoroughly tanned. It provides warmth and a touch of luxury to any room in which it is used. 

Choosing the perfect rug does not have to be a difficult process, nor do you have to search all over on your own. 

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