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Table setting ideas for your Iftar get-together

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Ramadan – a special time for everyone to come together in the remembrance of Allah (SWT), in addition to giving to those less fortunate than us and sharing the blessings of this holy month with our near and dear ones. One of the most beautiful forms of sharing the blessings of this month comes through the sharing of a meal with your friends and family and is truly one of the highlights of this sacred month. In recent times, Iftar get-togethers have increased in popularity and are one of the most anticipated traditions of Ramadan, especially if you are from a desi household. This Ramadan, you can amaze your guests not just with your food but also your table settings, because yes both are equally important!

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Choose a colour scheme

I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a colour scheme to perfectly capture the ambience of an Iftar get-together. Besides, whether it’s a formal get-together for your colleagues or a nice cosy Iftar potluck with only close friends, setting the mood right with the ideal colour palette that accentuates your overall colour scheme of the house and captures the spirit of the holy month is crucial! Think gold for a formal and lavish Iftar look to impress your colleagues, special guests or your in-laws maybe? Not only will a gold colour scheme add a touch of glam to your Iftar get-together, but its ability to flawlessly pair with hues of pink, red and blue will, furthermore, also let you create a perfect show-stopping table setting that will definitely steal the show and have your guests talking about for months.

On the other hand, if you prefer not to go too overboard with the sparkly gold, you can try choosing a scheme in a bright yellow or a cool blue. Keeping in mind the heat and humidity outside it is always a good idea to choose a light colour that will immediately have a soothing effect on your guests. Remember to use various shades of yellow, green, white or blue or any light colour for that matter, to create a breezy and yet chic environment that allows your guests to relax and enjoy the delicious Iftar you prepared for them in peace. The key to successfully host an Iftar get-together lies in the planning, from creating a well-balanced Iftar menu, to maintaining hygienic food preparation techniques and having a colour-coordinated table layout. Therefore, go choose a colour palette that captures the true aura of Ramadan and start decorating!

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Use a unique centrepiece!

You have chosen that oh-so-perfect colour palette to create the ideal ambience characteristic of an Iftar get-together. Next, it’s time for you to layout a picturesque table setting! Firstly, get creative and choose a unique centrepiece that will immediately capture your guest’s attention. Remember, you have to dress up your table to impress! You could use an oriental or antique centrepiece in a shade complementary to your chosen colour palette. Additionally, using a lantern as a centrepiece can be a special way to pay homage to this holy month. Since lanterns are most often associated with Ramadan. Moreover, the light from the lantern will heighten the festive atmosphere and create an intimate atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can also place fresh flowers in an elegant vase and use it as a centrepiece. Flowers add a pop of colour to any setting and the fragrance of seasonal flowers is sure to spark joy among your guests. There is just no way to go wrong with sticking to traditions and using fresh flowers for decoration, absolutely none! However, if none of the aforementioned ideas for centrepieces inspires you, try using a large scented candle as a centrepiece which will create a soothing ambience due to its light fragrance and dim light. In conclusion, whatever centrepiece you choose, ensure that it has a distinctive style and is an accurate representation of your suave decoration sense.

unique centerpiece!
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Dress to impress!

The Iftar table layout is equally important to create a good impression. Dress your table using the best tablecloth & the finest set of serving ware you own. In a formal setting, use a basic white tablecloth. However, in a more informal setting, experiment with different styles and patterns. It can be a geometric print tablecloth or a single colour tablecloth with oriental embroidery. Add a dash of sophistication to your table setting by using table runners. A runner in a bold colour with/without embroidery will add elegance to the table set-up. Additionally, will convey the message that you put in a lot of effort and thought to decorate your table. Also, use cloth napkins instead of paper ones because well, it’s much more classic and that’s the vibe you will want to give off regardless of whether you are hosting a formal or informal Iftar get-together.

Serving ware

Along with adorning your table with the perfect garb, it’s quintessential that you carefully choose your dinner set. Bring out your best dinner set or invest in a new one. You are bound to need a good one not only for your Iftar get-togethers but also Eid! It may be a fun idea to use colourful dinnerware in various motifs for a chic casual setting. Alternatively, use white porcelain with silver or gold embellishments is more appropriate for a formal layout. An important point to keep in mind is matching your serving ware with your tableware. In such scenarios, it is best to use white bowls/dishes as they match with almost all dinnerware colours and Iftar set-up types. No matter how you choose to set the table, the comfort of the guests should be kept in mind because at the end of the day that’s what matters the most.

Presentation of the food

Coming to the most important part of the entire Iftar get-together – the food! Serve the food in a way that your guests are able to help themselves. Use flat plates and build a pyramid of each specific dish to be served. This will be an effective method of accommodating large portions in relatively small serving ware.

Additionally, you can also use big serving ware with lids for the main dishes to keep them warm for a long period of time without you having to run back and forth from the kitchen to reheat the food. However you decide to decorate your table and present your food, the number one rule is to avoid clutter. So don’t use excessive cutlery that serves no purpose. Furthermore, do not try to squeeze in too many dishes in one table set-up.

An Iftar get-together should be a time for you to connect with your friends and family and reflect on your many blessings over a good meal. However, arranging one can be stressful during Ramadan – a month many of us dedicate to self-reflection – and in focusing on decorations it is sometimes easy to get carried away and put excessive pressure on yourself. So if you are planning a get-together this season we believe using our tips shall make the process easy and fun and create an atmosphere that best accompanies your food for your next Iftar get-together! 

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