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Lavish looking interiors on a budget

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A lavish interior is a must-have for many! However, budgetary constraints can put a damper on the home of your dreams. But with some clever tips and tricks, a lot can be done with very little.
In this blog, we have compiled a few ways using which you can easily decorate your desired space to look aristocratic without breaking the bank!

    Image: houzlook.com

Use decorative moulding

Mouldings on walls accentuate the shape of the room. It also spices up the generally plain door trims, corners and cornices. Thereby, giving it an elegant look.

Using different kinds of moulding is one of the cheapest ways to give your room a high-end look without spending big bucks. Especially with the ready-made and printable plastic mouldings that are easily accessible, it’s relatively low-cost and well worth the investment. For the most sophisticated look, paint the moulding the same colour as the walls. This will help to bring cohesion along the edges. Furthermore, you could even make an accent wall using all-over moulding or panelling!

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Play with colour

Certain tones and colours automatically make your room feel very posh and luxurious. Go for darker tones on the colour-palette, like royal blue, cerulean, black. These will automatically give an aristocratic feeling. Pairing with their colour-coordinated accessories will complete the desired effect of the space. On the other hand, for smaller spaces, it’s better to go for light hues! Walls and floors in lighter tones will open up your space and make it look brighter.

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Image: Devon Janse van Rensburg
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Dress up your windows

They are the first thing to catch your eye when you enter the room. A well-decorated window with exquisite window treatments is an extremely budget-friendly way to add elegance.

Try to be simple and elegant with materials like cotton, silk or linen curtains with minimal intricate details on it. You can be a bit frugal here and focus on buying the best fabric instead of paying attention to intricacies. Choose the one that accommodates your room the best while also being budget-friendly. There are also day curtains available that block the rough sunlight while still letting the daylight into the room. They look extremely aesthetic and are very inexpensive as well.

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Don’t be impulsive!

The tip is to make well-informed decisions about a particular piece of furniture which might look luxurious and elegant but will definitely break your bank. Instead, look around in your local shops for the same product for a much more discounted price. Go online and if you’re willing to forgo testing out furniture and seeing it in person, you can find great pieces online.

The aim is to keep looking till you find the piece you desired without even spending close to the amount you would have spent impulsively. To be more successful with this, know what you want and set a budget that’s reasonable. Nothing is more satisfying than buying a desirable piece of furniture for a low price and in return, you have more to spend on something else you would need to spruce up your space.

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Image: Hutomo Abrianto

Wu Ji Bi Fan

It is a saying in Cantonese which means – too much of something is a bad thing, just like a room cluttered with expensive furniture and accessories. It takes zero percent of your budget to declutter your home by removing the excessive pieces and cleaning it up to make it seamless, smooth and clean. 

Weekly dusting and vacuuming can actually make your home feel high-end. Secondly, cleaning allows you to take care of stains and spots on area rugs quickly, keeping them from being damaged and shabby-looking. The same is true for your furniture and windows.  It’s quite easy but the impact is massive — it allows natural light to readily fill the room, making it appear bright and welcoming. After all, the key to a lavish-looking space would be well maintenance!

Image: Sheraspace
Image: Sheraspace

Organized spaces allow the other elements – pillows, accessories, paint, lighting, and flooring – to really stand out. Pro tip: large windows help to add a high-end feel!

Curves are important too

A room where all the lines are straight and clean is likely to fall flat. To add depth to a room, a variety of shapes can be added. If the goal is to make the room look more expensive, add some curvy items. These can come from accessories, mirrors, lamps, furniture legs, the list goes on. Be creative and look at different stores and online to find the pieces needed while comparing the prices to get the best deal available.                         

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Image: pexels.com
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Image: Medhat Ayad

Allow the pieces to do the talking

Allow one item in the room to stand out from everything else. It can be relatively expensive to find a piece to dictate a room’s ambience but that’s where local thrift stores, salvage stores and pawn shops can come into play. If you look carefully, some amazing pieces of art, sculptures are being sold at a fraction of their prices but they might require a little cleaning or a fixing up but that might turn out to be a great investment at a much lesser cost.

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Image: Bundo Kim

Dim it down

There are three layers of light: ambient, task and accent. The size of your room and room type will determine which types you need, but in general, you want at least two to properly light a room. Sometimes simply adding a layer of light can dramatically increase your home’s quality of light. 

The number one way to make a room look luxurious is with accent lighting. It may sound silly but everything (and everyone!) looks better in dim lighting. For each and every light fixture in your home add a dimmer switch. It’s not expensive and you absolutely will not regret it.

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    Image: pexels.com

Contrary to popular belief, interior designing can be done on a budget. The little things such as the paint of the room and the lighting can make a huge difference in making your home look lavish and elegant. 

Take your time and think about cutting costs wherever possible without compromising its quality. For professional help with your interiors, speak to a designer here – at Sheraspace.

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