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Traditional Sophistication: Sakib Bin Rashid and Mehzabeen’s Bengali Style Home

November 13, 2023 | By

Our homes are the reflection of our souls. They represent who we are, what we value, and how we choose to live our lives. 

One of Bangladesh’s most admired couples, Sakib Bin Rashid and Mehzabeen Ahmad, felt that their living room looked somewhat bland and didn’t portray their fun and earthy personality. So, they consulted Sheraspace to create a living room for them that indulged their fantasy and demonstrated their love for art and culture.

Image: Former look of the living space

Sakib and Mehzabeen wanted to design their abode on a budget and were looking for an interior designing platform that offered them the utmost flexibility. They didn’t want to apply the current trend of interior designing – modern or contemporary – in their living room. Instead, they wanted a simple, traditional setting that felt inviting and reminded them of their enriched heritage. Understanding their requirements, team Sheraspace designed their living room guided by warm earthy tones.

Image: Moodboard concepts for living room
Image: 3D sketch for living room

One of the couple’s requirements was to keep the existing sofa. However, the sofa’s fabric didn’t match the room’s overall theme, so the designers suggested changing the fabric’s colour to dark beige instead. Changing the fabrics was a brilliant idea since it matched the room’s overall aesthetic while fulfilling their requirements. It also avoided too much expenditure and was an affordable way to go!

Image: Sofa cover before and after

Sakib and Mehzabeen wanted a solution for the cables that were visible on the wall, making the room look messy. They also wanted to remove the existing showcase and have a minimal TV cabinet on the wall. The designers came up with the idea of a TV cabinet with an accented wall behind it and display shelves integrated on both sides of it. The TV cabinet perfectly captures the room’s overall theme- a clean-cut look vouch for the humbleness it seeks, while family portraits displayed on the shelves provide the warmth it needs.

Image: 3D sketch for TV cabinet
Image: Sheraspace
Image: Sheraspace

The couple agreed that the designers could replace the centre and side tables if needed. To fit in the room’s aesthetic, a wooden center table is placed in front of the sofas. Cane side tables are placed along with cane pot planters to bring an earthy feel to the room.

Image: 3D sketch for centre table

As for decoration, the couple wanted something that reflected Bengali culture and radiated a welcoming ambiance, just like Bengalis are famous for their friendly attitude and hospitable manner. So, their living room was decorated with a simple yet artistic chandelier, terracotta candle stands, and bamboo floor lamps. A bowl with floating flowers and candles creates a refreshing and tranquil ambiance in the room. The Nakshi Katha wall art on the wall hints at Bangladesh’s rich and ingenious culture, proudly declaring the couple’s identity.

A simple tray ceiling with cover lights and spotlights adorns the ceiling. Metallic wall decor and terracotta wall art give a nice break in the wood-dominated environment, producing a gorgeous fusion of metal and earth. Sataranji used as a floor rug and pillows with ethnic covers complete the Bengali aesthetic of the room. 

It was Sakib’s dream to have a swing in his home, which he never got to fulfill. Miraculously, the room had an empty alcove, which designers thought was the perfect spot to set up a swing. 

Image: Empty alcove (Before transformation)

Beige coloured curtains with lace details and white see-through curtains underneath set the backdrop and bring the swing into focus. Overall, the wooden swing chair, with wood-panelled drop ceiling over it and a two-layered curtain behind it, makes the corner look straight out of a classical movie, just like Sakib wished it to be.

Image: 3D rendering of living space
Image: Sheraspace

Simple, artistic, and refreshing – Sakib and Mehzabeen’s space displays their mutual love for their culture and conveys their humble personality. It is just what they pictured their ideal living room would be- warm and inviting.

Team Sheraspace had a great time collaborating with the artsy-minded Sakib and Mehzabeen to create their timeless-looking space.

Image: Sakib and Mehzabeen sharing a moment in their newly designed home
Image: Sakib and Mehzabeen sharing a moment in their newly designed home

We hope you enjoyed this tour of Sakib and Mehzabeen traditionally Bengali home. Just how the couple takes pride in their individuality and styling preferences, you too should! 
For professional assistance in designing and executing your dream home, get in touch with us at Sheraspace!

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