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7 tips for a festive Eid table setup

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All the moos in the world can’t set the mood this Eid ul Adha without the perfect table! Yes, pun intended. One of the most auspicious and celebrated festivals for us has to be Eid, when friends and families gather for a meal, be that lunch or dinner – a dawat is a must. Hence, one must be equipped to entertain their guests and that starts with an exquisite set up of the dining table. In this blog we share 7 pointers for you to assemble your table that would be second to none, leaving your guests already looking forward to the next Eid gathering that you will be hosting.

1. Choose the correct setting for the meal

The first thing to do is to decide whether you will be serving a buffet or a sit-down. For maximum functionality, it might be best to serve dessert on an additional table, if you have the space, with the dining table available as a sit down for the main meal for the elders. This will help to keep overcrowding at bay and will also elevate the entire dining scenario. So, we will be focusing on setting up your dining table as well as your dessert table.

 dessert table
Image: thediymommy.com

2. Clothe your table

It is of utmost importance to choose just the right table cloth. You can dress up your table with a decoratively patterned cloth or you can opt for a bold and elegant solid colored cloth made of finer material to give off a luxe vibe. What we recommend is to either go for a solid colored table cloth for your main table, accentuated with patterned placemats. Alternatively, you may use a patterned tablecloth and pair it up with simpler solid colored placemats.

 dessert table
Image: mywedding.com

For the dessert table you might want to add a nice table runner, which will help to bring in all the panache that you will be wishing to reflect. With a popular rule of stylish decor being less is more – we will try to avoid using patterned cloth and patterned placemats and/or table runners all together, as what we are seeking is an overall sleek and sophisticated look.

sophisticated look
Image: aliexpress.com

3. Choosing the perfect tableware

The festivities of Eid call for you to take out the fancy china. It is important to note that if you are using a patterned tablecloth then it would be best to go with solid colored tableware – embellished with silver or gold, or alternatively, if you are using a plain tablecloth then you may allow prominence to be on a beautiful, printed porcelain set. After you have chosen the correct match between your table dress up and tableware, the next thing to focus on is following the table set up etiquettes, as it is just as essential to complement the right dishes with the right cutlery.

 table set up etiquette
Image: thisisglamorous.com

4. Be a little extra with the napkins

To ignite further the spirit of Eid, and to set your arrangements apart from all other dinners you have hosted – you may go a little out of our way to attain embroidered cotton napkins, instead of using paper napkins. It may have a little inscription on the corner, saying “Eid Mubarak” or maybe a beautiful quote denoting Eid blessings. Yes, this would be relatively more costly compared to the more conventional paper napkins, but as these can be reused, it is worth the investment in the longer run.

table Decoration
Image: Pinterest

5. Add a centerpiece

An elegant centerpiece would be the perfect addition if you would like to uplift the fancy quotient of your dinner table. You may add a big, extravagant flower vase in the middle. Alternatively, you may try something slightly different and decorate your table with a medium sized vase and some colorful flowers. Try to opt for flowers that are not oozing with fragrance, as you do not want to overpower the aroma of the delicious home cooked desi food – the highlight of your Eid dawat. Alternatively, if you would like to create an Arabian Nights theme, then adding a rustic lantern or a colourful fanous would be just the perfect touch.

Arabian Nights theme
Image: hayatouki.com

6. Light up the environment

For a pleasant ambience, you can introduce small candles to the table. A bowl or set of floating candles, surrounded by some petals or a wreath of flowers would be the perfect addition to your dessert table, so it would not look pale next to the heavily accessorized dining table.

accessorized dining table
Image: doiys.com

7. Take the presentation up a notch

Apart from setting up the perfect table, how you serve the food is an important factor. Serve all your items using the same set of bowls or dishes. You may use a plain, white set. Garnish the food as you deem best – be it as simple as you like, but try not to skip it altogether. You may add some coriander or mint leaves, or tomatoes carved to look like roses or add a bit of yoghurt on top to give that pop of colour to your curry – making your food appear even more visually appealing.

Food Table
Image: Dina Begum

Desserts can be garnished with pistachio and rose petal shavings to create a colourful visual appeal. Other nuts, such as almond or cashew shavings are also good picks for your sweet treats.

 sweet treats food table
Image: Dina Begum

The dessert table should basically speak for itself. You can use small shot glasses and dessert stands, to give the table a more filling and appealing look. Fresh cut flowers could adorn the table too, as a colourful addition to the setup. It is just as important to keep your setup tidy and organized to avoid going overboard with the decorations and keep the food as the highlight of your table.

food as the highlight of your table
Image: thebridalbox.com

With the perfect table setup and delicious food for your Eid celebration, we hope you have a hearty meal amongst good company. Here’s to a holy and blessed Eid ul Adha!

Eid Mubarak!

delicious food
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