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The importance of interior design & why you should hire a professional interior designer

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Interior design is the overall design of interior space. Usually defined by the walls, floor and ceiling of any given space. Although the ‘interior’ in design implies that it’s indoors, over the years, the term has also evolved to mean the design of some outdoor areas as well, such as balconies, patios or terraces. The ultimate objective of interior design is enhancing the user experience by better managing the space available in the intervened environment. Interior designers specialize in choosing colour schemes, furniture, and fixtures to create a visual that appeals to the user.

Thus, a good interior designer really plays a crucial role in the construction of a living space. It’s important for it to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing using the latest design tricks and techniques. Hence, you cannot downplay the importance of hiring a professional interior designer, be it a commercial or residential space. Now, let’s look at some of the most underappreciated advantages of interior design.

interior design
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Cost savings

Jumping right into the financial aspect of it all because let’s be realistic – money matters. As strange as it may sound, hiring an interior designer will actually help you save money! Yes, there is an additional fee to be paid to the designer. But hear me out as I explain the many cost-saving advantages of hiring professional help. In the long run, a professional interior designer will save you money! As s/he will get the job done right, the first time, on time and within your stipulated budget.

When hiring professional help it is extremely crucial that you are transparent about your budget. Once the interior designer is familiar with your budget, s/he can use materials which is conducive to your spending capability. Since the interior designers work with a series of different vendors, they can save you additional money in the long run by ensuring you don’t pay more than the market price! There is a myriad of options out there and as a non-professional it can be difficult, not to mention quite overwhelming, to know where to look for quality. In such a situation, a professional will be able to help you figure out how to get the best items for the money you have.

Besides giving you value for your money, they will also save you precious time, and not to mention hassle, by knowing exactly which shade of curtains will go with your beige walls or exactly which lamp shade will complement the living room centrepiece. Additionally, a trusted interior designer might also have connections who are willing to give discounts and honestly, I have yet to come across a Bengali who doesn’t love a good bargain! In addition to saving your money while building your home, professional interior designers can also help you get a return on your investments should you ever wish to sell your house since a professionally decorated house can help boost buyer appeal and get you a good deal on the house!

decorated house
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Time management

As the famous saying goes, time and tide wait for none – and certainly not so in this day and age! Whether you are a homemaker or a full-time working professional, the list of activities we have to complete in a day often makes us wish that there were 48 hours in a day instead of 24! In such a scenario, a professional interior designer will be able to save you precious time by ensuring that you do not have to worry about going to the shop to change the shower fixtures for the umpteenth time or be running after the vendors to get a minor detail fixed. They will also be able to bring in different samples of the furnishings at the comfort of your own home so you can avoid the hassle of going to the stores altogether! Not only will they be able to save you time by allowing you to select your materials per your own comfort, s/he will also be the perfect mediator between you and the vendor to ensure timely delivery of all deliverables. Thus, once you have had a clear talk about the timeline of the designing work, your interior designer will see to it that all your deadlines are met within the given timeline thus allowing you the time and space to go grab that cup of coffee and catch up with your old friend!

design of kitchen
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One of the main purposes of interior design is to help ensure the efficiency of a living space or office premises. Have you ever walked into a large house and felt stifled? A poorly designed house may be reasonably large but it may not provide the occupants with the space that is required for them to live in harmony. On the contrary, a small apartment may be transformed into a home with the help of a good professional interior designer who knows the optimal use of space.

Knowing how to design a certain area with the proper infrastructure, lighting and colours make a great difference in the utilization of the space. Similarly, in an office, the good interior design brings together all the features needed for optimal comfort of the employees. This not only boosts the productivity of the employees but also contributes to their overall mental well-being which in turn enhances their performance. To put it shortly, a living/working space needs to fulfil its functionality, be practical and aesthetically pleasing and hiring a professional interior designer is the best way to ensure your space is being utilized optimally.

Function design
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Fitting the occupants’ lifestyles

Our living and/or working space is a reflection of our personality and an interior designer will make sure that it truly is so by listening to your ideas and understanding your needs. S/he will let you explain your expectations and describe how you envision your space to be. For an interior designer, your vision holds the utmost priority. So s/he will take into account all your inputs and ideas before deciding on the final design of your space. You can choose from the best design from a variety of mockups/ draft drawings of the space. Your interior designer will also help you select the right fixtures/fabric/fitting. You’ll be shown different samples thus helping you make an informed decision of the final materials to use. All the while saving you a trip to the store!


An added bonus is that interior designers can create aesthetic appeal in virtually all parts of a home or office. Beginning with a suitable design theme, an interior designer will provide the right colour, paint, furniture, atmosphere, textures, balance and symmetry to provide a stunning appearance. This aesthetic quality will match the purpose of each room or space and in turn, make sure you truly enjoy living or working in the intervened space.

Occupants’ Lifestyles design
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Whether it’s your home or your office, the interior design of a space always matters. The overall outcome of a professionally designed space is also a great reflection of your personality. Additionally, the interior design of a space will also increase its functionality. Initially considered to just be a creative expression for decorating one’s home, the concept of interior design has expanded to mean the holistic and aesthetic use of a space to create the perfect ambience that complements the lifestyle of the users of the space. So, if you’re looking for a perfect touch of style, skill and experience for your home or office, it will always do you good to hire a professional interior designer.

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