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10 tips to create an accent wall

March 7, 2020 | By

Are you tired of the white walls of your room staring back blankly at you? Do you feel like you need a little splash of colour in your interiors? but are deathly scared of painting the house a different colour altogether? Well, then an accent wall just might be the answer to all your queries!

An accent wall in your home is essentially all you need to add a dose of colour or pattern to your interior and make your home décor stand out. Instead of repainting it or wallpapering your room from head to toe, focusing on a single wall creates a much more sophisticated, aesthetic outlook of the entire room while still carrying the same impact that a complete renovation would have.

The best part about creating an accent wall is that it is relatively hassle-free and can easily be done in a budget-friendly manner – simply by adding a favourite piece of artwork to your wall or by creating a gallery of your prints and photos. You can also simply paint a wall or add a bold wallpaper and you are good to go! An accent wall really helps in accentuating the wall of your choice and having an accent wall really does wonders in setting apart your home. So go ahead and set about creating your own accent wall using the tips below!

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1). Say it with a statement piece

This is perhaps the easiest way to create an accent wall and as such is perfect for those who are just starting out with this experiment. Creating an accent wall does not need to be a lot of work, or requiring a lot of money and professional expertise. By simply adding a large piece of art to the centre of the wall you can make a statement and add colour and pattern to your accent wall. Yes, it really is that simple!

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2). Solid painted accent walls

Adding paint is a great way to go about creating an accent wall – just pick your favourite colour and run with it! Select a colour that makes you happy, inspires you or makes you feel relaxed. In short, pick a colour that you can live with! Have a relatively small wall you want to add a splash of bright colour too? Sure, go ahead! On the other hand, for a larger wall, you might want to opt for a more muted tone. But then again, if you know what you love and want a bright yellow or a turquoise wall in the middle of your bedroom then, by all means, go for it!

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3). Create with paint 

Another way you can play around with paint is to actually just go ahead and play with it! Sure, an accent wall with a bright solid colour looks nice but if you are willing to add a little more of an oomph factor then why not create something unique with paint? Go for Stripes, circles, chevrons – any of these style choices are bound to make your accent wall look fabulous!

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4). Pattern it up! 

The next obvious way to create an accent wall is to simply add wallpaper to a section of your room. If you had initially thought of adding wallpaper to your entire house but were too overwhelmed by the idea of it, then adding wallpapers to your accent wall is the best way to make that wish come true! You can even colour-coordinate your drapes with your wallpaper as a way to spread the colour throughout the room if you wish to. However, if wallpapers seem like too much of an investment you can alternatively opt for wall decals that come with easy application and removal features and are just perfect to create accent walls for a short-term basis.

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5). Panelled perfection 

Not one to add colours to your room and wallpapers seem like too much of a hassle? Worry not! You can also create a unique accent wall with wooden panels for creating a very urban, outdoorsy and rustic look. Try using wooden panelling to emphasize key areas of a room, such as a wall behind your bed or your reading nook. When it comes to panelling you can opt for palette wood for a more traditional look, or experiment with wider planks in grey tones for a more modern look.

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6). Patchwork

Not really on board with the idea of paint, panelling or wallpapers? Then go ahead and create an accent wall with patchwork. Fabric can be used for a fresh, funky and colourful accent wall-all at a reasonable price! This will create an overall Boho look. Colour coordinated fabrics can also be wrapped around sturdy cardboard or thin plastic squares and fixed to the wall using mounting tape, to get your perfect desired pattern.

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7). Go bare, go rustic 

If you are one who loves a rustic look, then peeling off the plasterwork to expose the brick underneath is a sure shot way to add character to your accent wall. This look will be especially aesthetic for an accent wall in the kitchen area. It also goes very well with industrial-inspired furniture and accessories.

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8). Gallery of your snaps! 

Adding a personal touch to your accent wall is never a bad idea. And what screams personal more than showcasing your pictures in an accent wall! Bring out all the photos that you have in your hard drive and print them to create a photo collage. A photo collage as an accent wall is a perfect way to reminiscence and cherish your favourite memories while creating an enviable accent wall.

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9). What’s the time?

 A clock doesn’t necessarily just have to be for purely practical purposes. You can also use it to create bold accent wall statements. By choosing an oversized clock design, you can easily create a distinctive focal point for any room and accentuate a specific section of the room. It also comes with the added bonus of never having anyone in your house ever asking you the time again!

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10). Do what feels right 

A well-created accent wall gives any room that extra wow factor so it can be quite difficult to choose what to do and where to start from. Go bold or go subtle? Opt for wallpaper, paint or panelling? In essence, there is no right or wrong way to create an accent wall. An accent wall is an expression of your personality. One way for you to set your house apart and as such should be created in a way that you feel the most comfortable with. Do what feels right to you and what is feasible for you. Accent walls can be really as simple as adding artwork or as sophisticated as installing wood panelling. The important thing to remember is to do what looks and feels good for your home within your preferred budget!

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Accent walls are a fun addition to your abode! Especially if you are living in an old home and want to “jazz” it up a little. Doing an accent wall is the easiest way to renovate your space and best of all, the possibilities of creating an accent wall are truly endless. So go ahead, express yourself through your accent wall and watch your everyday living space come to life!

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