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7 ways to decorate your rented home

November 5, 2020 | By

Does it feel as though your home needs an individualistic essence to make it your personal haven? Most rental homes insist tenants keep changes to a minimum. However, there are some simple ways that can help one to add a personalised touch to their home. In this blog, you’ll find 7 easy ways in which you can add warmth and personality to your rented flat.

Bring colour using furniture

One of the most effective ways to make your room feel more tied together & homely is with the use of colours. Sometimes painting the walls might not be an option, but you can surely add colours in items you can control. Add colours to the furniture, curtains, rugs and other accents. If you like cheerful & warm ambiences then add hues like orange and yellow to your soft furnishings and if you’re fond of simplicity & freshness, then adding colours like white, green, grey and hues of blue will help.


Play with the colours – mix and match! If the backdrop is muted, then opt for brighter colours for the soft furnishings. On the other hand, if there’s a bold accent wall then you may want to contrast that with lightly coloured furniture and accents. Colours play a vital role in making your abode feel more homely and it should be a display of hues that feel more like you.

Be creative with storage

More storage allows increased functionality and that’s almost always better than not. Wooden racks, side tables or modular shelves can be used creatively as a storage item. These are great options that can work for both storage and decor purposes. When you’re able to make these simple additions to your home, it’ll automatically make you realise that you hold the reins!


You can even use a modular shelf & create a partition if you have a large space. Again, you’re in charge of determining how you want the layout of your home to be.

You can decorate these shelves with your favourite showpieces, books, magazines or even cute little succulents. A modular shelf will not only add extra storage but will also make your home neater and appear to be organized and uncluttered.


Side tables are so much more than just a sidekick to your sofa set or bed. If you want to make the most out of your space, a side table can do double duty as furniture storage as well as a decorative accent. A sleek styled side table can add both functionality & versatility to your home.

Make your own gallery wall

Every picture tells a story – may that be a photo of your loved ones or your favourite art piece. Little moments stored in a photo frame can make you go through those precious memories instantly. You can create a stunning gallery wall with whatever feels personal to you.

If drilling too many holes to create your gallery wall isn’t an option, then opt for adhesive strips or display the frames on wall mounted shelves. In this way, you can let your house tell your stories without having to say goodbye to the rental deposit…


Style your home with accessories

Nothing makes a room look more alluring than the perfect combination of accessories. Accessorize with rugs and cushions. If you’re fond of a simple home, use neutral rugs & cushions. Use funky cushions & textured rugs if you like a cheerful outlook. Furthermore, use your favourite items to enhance the room. Showcase your treasures. Don’t keep your favourite collectables, jars or candles in the box. Instead, incorporate them throughout your home to really have your imprint around the house.


Add removable wallpapers 

A renter’s best friend – removable wallpaper! Both easy to use & removable, wall stickers are the most convenient way to add your personal touch of aesthetics to a space. You can use them without damaging the wall when more permanent options aren’t available.


Brighten up the lighting

Any space can be transformed to be warmer & cosier with the right lighting. Is it not possible to install a drop ceiling or incorporate led light rails? Fret not, the lighting ambience can still be heightened with the use of floor lamps, pendant lights and even with the choice of colours for the room. Choose lighter colours and incorporate warm lights to get a spacious-looking and cosy ambience.


Furthermore, the best part about freestanding furniture is that you can add to the whole outlook of the room or change it from time to time as per your needs.

Add indoor plants

Whether it’s a rented home or your very own, incorporating greenery is always a good call. Most indoor plants are low maintenance; they keep the air clean alongside creating a refreshing ambience in the room. Of course, greens add a pop of colour too! 

Furthermore, you can bring in more colour by painting the pots. Let your creative spirit take over and add your artistic touch in the nooks and crannies of your home. There’s no doubt that plants are a sure-fire way to add character & personality to your interiors.

Image: Sheraspace
Image: Sheraspace

One’s home should be a sanctuary – the most peaceful place. It’s the place where you have most of your memories. Now that you know a few ways in which you can make your rented flat feel more homely, enjoy the process of decorating & adding your essence to it!

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