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Fusing the Falgun air into your home

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Marking the beginning of spring approaches Pohela Falgun. With an end to the recurring cold waves, now it’s finally time to bring some much-needed warmth to your life and that has to start with your home! In the rich culture of Bangladesh, celebrations like Pohela Falgun are momentous and are commemorated with high spirits. People step out of their homes dressed in beautiful colours like orange and mostly yellow. Quite naturally, you’ll find your surroundings blooming with exquisite decor and why not – the six seasons are, after all, a famous attribute of Bengal and we Bengalis are eminent for knowing how to celebrate these seasons! So why should our homes be left out amidst these festivities? 

Be it for in-house dawats with friends and families celebrating Pohela Falgun, or to reflect the colours of spring in your decor throughout the season – with this blog, allow us to inspire you on how to infuse the Falgun air into your interiors!

Fresh flowers in large vases

How mesmerizing is it to take a walk around the house early morning, grabbing your morning cup of joe and your eyes find that big vase with colourful full-bloomed flowers – could your day have a better start? The smell and taste of chaa, with the enchanting sight of the flowers – engaging your senses in freshness! Decorate your glass or ceramic vases with beautiful flowers like marigold, tuberose, champak, shiuli, jasmine, kadamba or the forever classic – roses (red, orange, yellow etc.) – the choices are endless! The focus of this accent is not only the flowers but the one beholding it, too. Yes, the vase! To make it a statement piece, opt for a decorative vase. It’ll be a great accessory even when spring is gone. 

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To enhance your interiors by bringing a more traditional look, use woven jute baskets for your wall decor. Not only does this look aesthetically pleasing, but also makes for a great accent wall! 

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Spring calls for bright and bold colours, so swing into spring with energetic vibes! If you choose to update your curtains in compliance with the spring trends, then you may go for bright solid coloured curtains or patterned ones. If you’re hanging bold curtains, then try to go for muted tones in the rest of your room as we want to make organized, calm interiors with a few of nature’s chaotic elements here and there. 

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To further spread the colours of spring across your home, use patterned cushions, in colours like yellow. For a more funky look, brighten up your living space by using cushions with end-to-end fringes! Other ways to rejuvenate your home from the cold winter vibes is by adding throws. A yellow or burnt orange throw would look great on a beige or any other light coloured sofa.

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However, the colours of spring aren’t limited to yellow only. Shades like indigo and azure are designer favourites, too! Your concern is whether you’re adding life to your interiors – for that’s what spring in nature is about, the beginning of new life.

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For those of you who aren’t a fan of bold colours in your home, fear not! Pastel shades look just as lovely and renewing. Pastels add a subtle lushness to your home and aid in creating a relaxing environment. 

If you’re willing to step up your decor game further, then go for peel and stick removable wallpapers in botanical prints; they would be perfect for your walls! Moreover, you will be able to take them off just as easily when bidding adieu to spring.

Say bye to winter!

As the long winter nights come to an end, it’s time to pack up the heavy blankets and sheets and put them away. Replace them with lighter fabrics to bring about an airy vibe!

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The arrival of spring calls for batik printed bedsheets taking the place of bulky winter ones. Batik bedsheets are already a prominent part of Bengali home decor, and using them is a perfect way to bring out the colours and patterns in your decor! Furthermore, you can dress your beds with intricately designed Nakshi Kantha or block-printed bedsheets and throw cushions. It’s time to embrace the blossoming splendour of spring, and these elements will allow you to do just that!

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Decorate with indoor plants

Fill the corners of your home with green potted plants for, after all, green is a sign of spring! Be it big floor pots or small desk plants – either or both will help to enrich your home decor. You may use plants like areca, money-plant, snake plant, dracaena, and aloe vera – which are all indoor friendly plants suited to the weather here in Bangladesh.  After all, bringing in the outdoors not only makes for pleasing accessories but always improves the quality of the air in your home.

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Falgun dawats

If you’re hosting dawats this Pohela Falgun, welcome your guests with marigold in threads to wear around the wrist. With the touch of spring in the rest of your home, the dining table can’t be left out! Clothe your table in yellow or orange colours complemented with jute placemats. As it’s a day to celebrate a traditional festival – try to integrate as many Bengali elements as you can!

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Set your tables using earthenware to exude those Bengali feels at the highest level possible! Terracotta clay dishware would be just right for the occasion. You can even use glasses or cups made of clay with white glaze. Place block printed fabric napkins next to your tableware to top it off! There, now you have the perfect table set up for your dawat matched with the rest of your home basking in the glory of spring. Rest assured, it will catch the eyes of your guests.

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We hope you enjoy the sweet sights of Falgun and are inspired to incorporate it into your home! For professional help with your interiors, contact us at Sheraspace.

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