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How to maintain lighter coloured sofas

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A light-coloured sofa may just be what you need to go with the theme of your home’s interior design. After all, lighter shades of furnishings also resonate with a sophisticated taste. Maintaining them however may just be a little bit too tricky. So, if the thought of maintenance is giving you cold feet, then this blog is just what you may be looking for. Below we have shared a few tips and tricks on how you can maintain lighter coloured sofas.

Prevent stains

Let’s face it – the best way to dealing with a problem would be to not create the problem in the first place. Let us not take a spaghetti bowl or a plate of scrumptious curry and rice and sit on our couch that is of lighter hues. Who knows, a drop of daal or some spill of a pasta sauce might fall onto your favourite sofa and stain it. It is better to be safe than sorry. Needless to say, other tasks such as applying nail polish, or letting your child be creative with his/her colouring books on the sofa might be a little risky for the ‘health’ of your sofa. Artificial colours are infamous for leaving permanent spots on fabrics. So, as much as you can – steer clear from eating, drinking, applying makeup, etc around your sofa.

Act quickly

Now, following on from the previous point, it is impractical to think that errors will never happen and spills would never take place. Thus, if and when a disaster occurs, that is, a spillage happens or you see a spot on your sofa – act quickly. The longer the stain sits on the sofa, the harder it will be to remove it later. Prompt action might be just what you need to save it!

Blot the target area on your couch with layers of kitchen papers to remove the excess spillage. Afterwards, take a white cloth (so that you do not need to be worried about it bleeding colour on your sofa from a coloured cloth) and try cleaning the stain with some hot water and mild liquid soap or shampoo. Dab the cloth onto the sofa, but do not rub or wipe the spillage excessively, as you might risk the stain spreading.

Dab the cloth onto the sofa

Routine cleaning

Just like any other furniture, it is preferred that sofas of light hues should be dusted frequently. Vacuuming them on a regular basis is also key to proper maintenance. Vacuum the sofa frames, seats and the cushions as well to remove the embedded dirt and dust particles from your sofa. As an added benefit, cleaning the accumulated dirt will also improve the air quality of the room.

Use slipcovers

It is almost impossible to prevent dust from garnering on objects and sofas are no exception. An easy way to reduce the amount of dirt collecting on sofas is by using slipcovers. Cover your sofas with some slipcovers and when guests arrive, just pull off the covers and your sofas will never look dull from dirt and body grease.

slipcovers sofa

Shift the position of the sofa

Move around your sofas so that direct sunlight does not fall on it. Exposure to too much of direct sunlight can fade the fabric of the couch and cause a noticeable uneven colour.

Change your seat

Let’s admit it. Many of us have one particular favourite couch spot we love to get comfortable in. However, it’s best to avoid seating yourself at the same spot all the time. Keep shifting your seating position so that your preferred spot does not sag and attract more dirt than usual. Also, fluff the cushions often since light coloured sofas tend to show off creases more than dark coloured ones.

dark colored sofa

Choose the upholstery wisely

Choosing the right upholstery for your sofas can make a whole lot of difference. For instance, faux leather will be easier to clean and maintain than other fabrics for light hued sofas. Choosing leather is going to give you the leverage of say, having a sofa in ivory white, yet not having to deal with the many maintenance issues that would usually accompany a fabric-covered ivory sofa.

fabric-covered ivory sofa

Seek professional guidance

In addition to getting your sofas vacuumed, it is also recommended that you get your couches dry cleaned once or twice a year, depending on the usage and the condition. Giving your sofas professional cleansing would also help keeping them healthy and hygienic.

We hope this blog helps minimise the daunt surrounding lighter coloured sofas for you. Your home should be a reflection of your personality and unique taste and if lighter coloured sofas are more you, then you shouldn’t be afraid to go for it! Lighter coloured sofas have become a symbol of luxury, refined taste and enduring classics for all time. It has become a modern classic in the field of upholstered furniture. Lighter shades of sofa can be used in a variety of styles. The versatility of sofas in lighter hues will waft boredom. So, do not be intimidated by the supposed challenge a lighter colour sofa may seem to throw at you; go straight for it, as now you know the key to its maintenance!

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