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How to use mirrors in home decor

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Mirrors – one of the most traditional interior items have now been revolutionized to come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs with no boundaries to their uniqueness. Not only are mirrors an item of necessity in our daily lives, with a mind open to some creativity and imagination, one shall realize the uses of mirrors in home décor are indeed plenty! We hope by the end of this blog, you will have enough insight on how to accessorize your dwelling with the aid of mirrors!

Illuminate your room

If your room has a small window and you’re someone who prefers natural light as opposed to artificial light, then you can maximize the lighting of the room by positioning the mirror at an angle so that light is symmetrically reflected to the other side of the room. If you want to take it a step further, then you may consider using multiple mirrors. Place one of the mirrors closest to the light source and align the rest so that you can see the reflection of one in the other. In this way, the light will bounce off of one mirror to the next and create an array of natural lighting – dispersed throughout the room. There, now you have a perfectly lit room – without consuming electricity during the day!

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Use it as a statement piece

In interiors nowadays, a mirror is not only useful in the dressing room – but it makes for a great focal point in any area. To make the most out of an ordinary wall, use a decoratively framed mirror. You can use round mirrors with spiked frames or opt for an even fancier look with overlapping diamond mirrors and such. Choose an elegant colour for the frame, like gold or platinum, for a classy outlook. Place a table and a small vase or showpiece in front of it, and there you have it – a fantastic feature wall!


Tap into your creative side and experiment with multiple small mirrors. It’s a little tricky, as you would have to know what’s too much. As you’d want to keep overcrowding and cluttering at bay. However, if you’re able to pull this off – then you’ll have something that you won’t find in every other home. Something bespoke and distinctive! You can either opt for heavy frames or plain frameless glass. It all depends on the sort of interior you’re going for. Gorgeous and elevated or simple and chic? 


Another clever way to incorporate a mirror into your residence is by placing it at the foyer – in the entrance hall. Foyers are usually small spaces with not much to it. However, you can change that by placing mirrors so that not only does the limited space look more capacious, but there will also be a sense of breathability – which overall gives off a much more appealing look. Other perks of a mirror at the foyer would include being able to take a last-minute look at your hair and appearance before you walk out the door for an important event – leaving the house as confident as ever!

Create an illusion of space

Not every nook and cranny of an apartment can be spacious – and that’s where mirrors come in! Be it a bedroom or bathroom, a long floor-length mirror or a wide horizontal one is just what you need when you want to introduce some depth to an area. The mirror will reflect the existing space and make the spot appear to be twice as big. This is usually helpful in bathrooms, which are not known to be allocated too much space in floor plans. An end to end mirror on the wall behind the washbowl will make your washroom seem to have ample space!

Reflecting Centerpieces

It is important that the objects reflected on the mirror are worthwhile of a second view. Hence, it’s natural for us to wish for it to be the most prominent item in the room. It can a gorgeous chandelier or an exquisite painting, and even a large vase of flowers! We can make that happen by posing a mirror across our trophy item so that a vivid reflection is there. This will undoubtedly be eye-catching. Such settings are usually most appropriate in dining rooms. 

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Mirrored Backsplash

When it comes to designing your kitchen, you may often feel like there aren’t many options. Let mirrors come to your rescue! Go for a mirrored backsplash for the wall behind the counter. Not only will it be easier to clean, but it’ll definitely look much more sophisticated, too. Let’s not forget – this means allowing more light and room into your space. If you want to play it safe, then you could go for a classic panel or gridded tiles. To spice the scene up a little – let your imagination run wild, choose abstract shapes for a funkier look.


In interior design, even mirrors can bring a bunch to the plate! With the help of a designer, find the most perfect ways to incorporate mirrors into your home. For further assistance, contact us at Sheraspace!

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