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Murals in interior design

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Art, there are so many forms. From sculptures to portraits, still-life to surrealism, and all of them provide their own uniqueness to the environment they’re placed in. Each and every piece present an eye-catching sight that can draw the attention of guests or liven the office space so employees feel more motivated.

One of the best ways to incorporate art in your interiors is through the use of murals. This particular form of art can work in any environment, making a bold statement where it’s used. Allow this blog to help you discover the beauty of murals and their use in interiors!

What are Murals?


To begin with, a mural is basically any painting or work of art that is done on a wall, ceiling or any permanent surface, at all. A discerning feature of a mural is how the infrastructural components of that certain area are perfectly worked into the design.  

Murals have an extremely rich historic background and date back to the walls of ancient tombs and temples. However, since then, they’ve developed into a respected and versatile art form that’s not simply restricted to renowned monuments but recently, have been introduced to more casual settings as designs to perk up the atmosphere of the area and give it some character. 

Why Murals?


Murals have a variety of advantages when used as designs. The best of them all is their versatility. This doesn’t only mean use but includes what colours are used and what images are painted. Murals can be used for offices, restaurants, dorm rooms, schools and so many more places. Due to the fact that what makes a mural a mural is how it incorporates the background. You can paint anything that works to match the feel you’re trying to create in your room.

Several studies have also shown that colours influence emotions. By painting a mural in places like offices, hospitals and schools you can really make an environment that improves everyone’s day and feelings of well-being so they can feel healthier, more relaxed and motivated.

A mural can also start your reputation as a trendsetter. They’re so bold and eye-catching they’ll leave any of your friends and guests talking about your place after they leave.

Types of Murals

Just like how murals can be versatile in use, they’re also diverse in variety. Here are a few of them:

A). Wallpaper Murals


Wallpaper murals extend and open up the use of murals on interior design to several consumers. There are numerous types and designs that can be adorned on the surfaces of any area. From enchanting nature to the bustling city and optical illusions, there’s nothing you can’t find! The best part is how realistic they are but still manage to have an amateur quality so it doesn’t feel too heavy-handed, almost emulating an actual painting.

B). Tile Murals


Tile murals have the richest historical use compared to all other types. They can be used to add a vintage feel to the home and can look stunning in kitchens and an extra layer to the overall design of it. They can be used in places like schools to brighten up the environment for students and present unity of the institution in a visually appealing manner. 

C). Vinyl Wall Decals


Vinyl wall decals are one of the more economical ways of putting up a mural, small scale or large. There are an array of designs for you to choose from comprised of multiple stickers that put together to form the final image. These murals are also apt for those not looking for a long-term investment as they’re easily removable.

How can you use them?


Murals can be slightly challenging to navigate if one isn’t a professional designer but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! With a few tips and pointers, they can actually be made quite simple when designing! and that is what this blog aims to help you with! 

However, professional advice can be irreplaceable in certain areas, so feel free to get in touch with a designer at Sheraspace!

Murals at Home


Wall murals for your house bring an identity to your house that separates it from other interiors. It can really be an imperative step in turning the atmosphere from a house to a home and will make people go, “Ooh!”.

An important thing to do when setting up wall murals is to choose a design that’s cohesive with the colour scheme and decorative pieces in your room. Try to choose an image that captivates the feel of the room you’re trying to create. A mural can add drama to a room. So it’s important to make sure that effect isn’t too overwhelming or contrasting with the rest of the room. 

Overall, a mural definitely sets the vibe of the room and enriches the colour palette of the area it’s placed in.

Murals in Offices


The conference room, reception area or even the common area can be improved with the addition of a mural.

Having a mural in the reception area makes your office more attractive to clients or potential employees and may add to the incentive for them to engage with your company. Since the reception area tends to be the first thing people see. Have your mural create a statement; individualise your company with a mission statement or company name so people know what you are and what you’re aiming to do to really leave an impression.

Have spaces like the conference room and common area be adorned with captivating images or quotes of encouragement to improve the mood of workers and let their creative juices flow, which will increase their productivity. 

Murals in Businesses


Incorporating murals to the interior of businesses like shops and restaurants can be beneficial in increasing customer reach. They’re eye-catching and customers walking by or discovering the place on social media are likely to be drawn to the overall interior aesthetic of your restaurant created with the use of murals. 

Murals can help create a brand for your business. Something your business can be known for and leave a good impression on consumers. Using bright, bold colours can particularly bring this about. As an added effect, colours have been shown to influence emotions and certain ones can lead people to be more motivated to make purchases.


Murals are one of the greatest developments that have been introduced to interior design. There are several different types and so many images to choose from, for you to create a place of your dreams – be it an office, an outlet or your own bedroom.

We hope this piece has been able to assist you in understanding the use of murals in interior design. For professional interior assistance with murals and beyond, contact us at Sheraspace!

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