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Traditional Bengali style interior design

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The rustic charm of the Bengali culture never fails to entice people. One of the richest cultures in the Indian subcontinent. The style evolving from it has a vibrancy to offer in the form of rich colours and intricate patterns. In the minds of homeowners, the idea of the Traditional Bengali style begins with blueprints. Adding spacious balconies or verandas, patterned-tile floors, and open roof terraces for evenings to be spent reading with a cup of chaa.

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One of the most notable attributes of Bengali style homes would be the furniture made from solid wood with several options to choose from, such as Teak, Chapalish, Chickrasi, Gamari, Sil Koroi, Jarul and many more – showcasing the varieties of wood produced in our homeland. Many may choose to go for an overall dark polish. A style which is ageless and never goes out of fashion. 

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When it comes to choices of furniture, there are so many unique pieces, like divans, swings, easy chairs – all of which go with the classic look of the Bengali style. Throw on a kantha on an easy chair and there you have your reading corner all set out!

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We Bengalis sure do love our tea and where else to lazily sip on our ‘chaa’ on a rainy day than our easy chair resting in a cosy, comfortable corner of our home.

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Entering the living room, it can be minimal and sleek. Alternatively you can use extravagant carvings in wood to heavily furnish the room. One of the many pros of this style is that it allows the homeowner to opt for either, since both complement traditional styling. A swing can add a truly deshi touch. Based on one’s personal tastes and preferences – bright, colourful, patterned cushions – sometimes embellished with tiny, ornate mirror work can be added for that pop of colour in the house.

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A wall cabinet in the living room dedicated to the beautiful pottery by the Bengali craftsmen will inevitably catch the eye of visitors and residents alike. Handwoven art pieces or raw painted canvases may form the essence of your home and add aesthetic depth to your Bengali theme. To add a light fragrance to the atmosphere, alongside creating a striking visual, vases can be adorned with the all familiar Rajanigandha, Beli Phool, Jui phool or the exquisite Krishnachura – the famous beauties of the Bengal. A large centrepiece will positively tie the room together!

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Growing up in a Bengali household, one thing I always cherished were the weekly conversations. On a Friday nights the whole family just came together and chatted. For Baba – it was an opportunity to share his treasured childhood stories – which brings us to our informal living space. This space is as per each person’s taste, a comfort zone – which can be partitioned from reality with the beloved traditional Jaali – a screen of intricately carved cutouts in walls or even windows.

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Renowned for its fabrics, throughout history, the true jewels of Bengal can be flaunted in the bedrooms. With beautifully coloured bedding – plain and simple or heavy and detailed, alongside long, sleek drapes. You can add a comfy divan on the side, with artistic rugs, made of jute, centering the room. Furthermore using a patterned wall to display your own gallery of photos is a great idea. Something we Bengalis are not known to shy away from.

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Artsy corner

Some of the most distinguishably melodious voices are claimed by the Bengalis. The commencement of which is usually during one’s childhood at home. Therefore, a corner dedicated to musical instruments, like tablas, harmoniums, ektara, etc. inarguably screams traditional Bengali and displays an artistic taste. 

Image: Parashuram Bhandari 

Reading nook

A stereotypical image of traditional Bengalis is being ardent readers, which stands true in many cases even in Bangladesh today. You can opt to display a bookshelf, adorned with legendary pieces by Rabindranath Tagore, Sukumar Ray, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Bani Basu, Humayun Ahmed and so many more. In a case as such, more is good – which undoubtedly uplifts the Bengali spirit in a home. One or two laid back chairs or even a rattan swing, with a reading lamp, some indoor plants – and we have got ourselves an apt reading room. 



To add life to the exterior of our homes, an exquisitely gardened verandah, with a variety of rich and vibrant flowers and potted plants, is an element that is loved by almost every individual. It is also an added bonus if you are a nature lover or are passionate about gardening. Include a set of wicker chairs and a small table – and you have the perfect unwinding zone for when you are in need of some fresh air.


Traditional Bengali style interior design is undoubtedly well-suited for people who take pride in the richness of the Bengali culture!

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