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2022: Top 5 Interior Design Requests from Clients

January 3, 2023 | By

Wrapping up 2022, we reflect back on how this year brought about new changes in the way we live, work, and interact with our built environment, especially after years of significant changes. Words that describe this year’s interior design trends are: simplistic, functional, and budget-friendly. In this blog, we’ll present to you the Top 5 Interior Design requests we at Sheraspace have received from our clients in 2022.

Keep reading to get an idea of how people’s interiors looked like this year.

1. Accent Wall

An accent wall is the best way to add glamour to your place. Instead of renovating the whole room, simply focusing on one wall creates a more aesthetic and glamorous look and takes less cost and hassle of a complete redecoration. In 2022, people opted for simplicity and cost-friendly design, so it’s no wonder that accent walls stood top in their choice.

Creating an accent wall is relatively simple and entirely depends on an individual’s expectations. For an accent wall, some clients chose a solid painted wall that gives a tranquil vibe, others went for a wood-panelled wall that radiates sophistication, and some went with their favourite portraits or pictures to give it a personal touch. You can learn more about accent walls here: 10 tips to create an accent wall

Image: Sheraspace
Image: Wood-panelled Accent Wall (Chris Love Julia- Rilane)

Image: Portrait Accent Wall (Spacejoy)

2. Corner Space

Decorating an empty corner space is an excellent way to jazz up your home. It takes little effort and even less cost to decorate a corner, but a sophisticated corner space is enough to change the entire atmosphere of the room. 

In 2022, Bangladeshis used corner spaces to create extra storage in their homes or to increase the seating space. Some people took this opportunity to showcase the greens they adore, along with dialling up the liveliness in their homes. Some people went one step further and used corner spaces as their Home Studio. Need some inspiration on setting up a corner space? Check out: 7 Innovative ideas to make the empty corners of your house functional

Image: Sheraspace
Image : Corner Space (Houzz)

3. Multiple Storage Option

The emergence of the Hybrid workplace has blurred the lines between school, work, and home, and it has made the task of organising homes even more challenging. Homeowners are looking to utilise every inch of space available, so they are prioritising solutions that help them save time and money while also working with the ebbs and flows of their lifestyles. It’s no surprise that storage options were one of the top choices among the clients this year. People are looking for storage that is functional yet fashionable, colour-appropriate with their room’s décor and easily blends with other furniture. They are also prioritising easy access storage to perform their daily activities faster.

Image: Multiple Storage Option (Square Inch Home)
Image: Multiple Storage Option (Family Handyman)

4. Home Office

It seems that working from home is here to stay. Individuals now work both from home and in their offices, so it’s easy to get confused between the constant switch of workplaces. To keep continuity in one’s work and productivity, home offices are important to set up to cease the confusion. 

The purpose of a dedicated workstation in your home is to help you set aside household distractions and focus on work. A great home office arrangement will not only inspire you to finish that last bit of work but will also let you enjoy your surroundings while doing so. The trick is to find a suitable space for your home office and then understand your requirements. For example, some chose an empty corner for their workstation, and some used an entire room for their office setup. A bright and light office with multiple storages is ideal for someone to think and create, while other clients want a splash of colours with accessories like rugs, photo frames, and greens to uplift their inner creativity. 

Image: Home Office 

5. Home Studio 

During the pandemic, we saw a rise in F-Commerce and Digital Content Creation, which is still on trend in 2022 – so individuals seem to invest in home studios for their businesses. The reason is simple. What better way to represent your brand than an eye-catching background when you shoot your next video? 
Studio designs have no fit-for-one formula; they are customised according to the client’s needs and expectations. For example, for an F-Commerce business, the background must be of solid colour and well-lit. Patterned background may not be able to properly highlight a product during a photo shoot. On the other hand, backgrounds made for digital content like podcasts may be colourful and patterned. Studios designed by Sheraspace gave a hint of glamour, all the while keeping it under budget, so customers loved it and recommended it to others.

Image: Home Studio (Oh Joy)

These were the top five design requests we frequently received from our Bangladeshi interior design clients this year. 
You too can explore our packages and contact us at Sheraspace for your customised interior design solution!

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