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A pandemic’s impact on interiors for Dhaka homes

July 4, 2020 | By

Interior design is an integral part of our home that brings mindfulness and wellness to our daily lives. While interior design has always been adaptive, now is the hour to reconsider redesigning it for a safer tomorrow. The current circumstances may end soon, but its effects on the way we live will be long-lasting. We can thus take this time to reflect on our interior needs and our relationship with a healthier habitation.

In this blog, we have compiled ways for you to grasp an idea of future interior design standards, driven by the pandemic. Some might argue this awakening could even be seen as a silver lining!

Sanctuary corners

If anything, the pandemic has taught us to take a break from the chaos and to seize every moment slowly. To have a place of essence that can evoke the spirituality of our minds and souls is really important. To do so, we can design sanctuary corners to help us relax, reflect and rebuild our focuses. It can be anything from a cosy reading corner to a hammock that holds your leisurely hours. A classic dolna (swing) to sway away in your balcony, or even a corner for you to run brushes over your canvas – create a calming ambience with a vignette of plants, light colours and minimum accessories to keep the space airy. In these corners, every second is all about you.

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Live-work spaces

We might need to rethink the entire structure of the way we have been working so far. The sustainable choice of working from home is sure to induce major changes in future interior design ideas. Introduction of live-work spaces to your home can be the evolutionary change you didn’t deem necessary in the past.

Having a separate space to carry out your official work not only boosts your productivity but also draws a clear line of separation between personal and professional hours. Co-existence of live-work spaces is a relatively new model that can’t function properly from just temporary corners in a room. Instead, dedicated rooms are required for such concepts to work. While the size of the home office may be disregarded, having it organized and clutter-free remains essential. Good lighting (a combination of task and ambient, alongside natural lighting) is vital for the space.

For more on an optimal home office set up, you may read our 7 tips to comfortably work from home blog.

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Rational selection of materials

A smarter and rationalized approach in selecting materials can result in a wiser decision in the long run. We’ve been reminded several times that germs, bacteria, and viruses linger on surfaces like doorknobs, refrigerator handles, etc. So, there is no doubt that we have to adopt new hygiene practices and incorporate them into our interiors. For a healthier living, we may opt for germ-resistant materials for flooring and surfaces that can be disinfected effortlessly. For example, plywood for furniture or cabinet material, easily washable materials like cotton and linen for curtains, cushions and rugs can also be good picks.

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Rooftop and balcony gardening

Many of us have been taking up different hobbies in the time of quarantine – one being growing our own herbs or vegetables in the balcony/rooftop. This practice can be carried forward to integrate it as an essential part of our home interiors. While making us feel more connected to nature, vertical rooftop and indoor gardens will act as stress relievers. They will help improve the air quality of the house, alongside being a supply of organic vegetation.

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Lighting & comforting colours

Maximizing natural light in interiors is a better and healthier option than artificial light sources. So it is important to have our interiors flooded with natural light, wherever possible, in order to help us cope with prolonged enclosures and keep our biological clocks/sleep cycles on track. However, if that is not an option, it is still optimize lighting inside your house! Replacing wooden doors with glasses, introducing skylight and maximizing the use of well-positioned mirrors shall all serve the purpose.

Another way to keep oneself well spirited at home is having comforting colours all around to soothe the mind. We recommed choosing a lighter palette of colours like white, off-white, sand and beige for walls and furniture and keeping spaces as clean & minimalistic as possible.

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Home gymnasiums

Not many people have realized the significance of a home gymnasium until this year. But coming to think of it, it can easily be termed as one of the most practical corners. An at-home gym gives people the flexibility to workout on their own schedule without any time constraints.

A designated room for working out on a daily basis definitely works as a motivation in itself and not to mention – saves one the gym membership fee every month. Setting up a few pieces of equipment like treadmill, dumbbells or even just a yoga mat is a great way to include health regiments into your daily routines and have a proper place to exercise. Therefore, introducing a little workout space in the home shall boost up physical health, immunity and mental health, too.

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With the shifts in interior design standards that are likely embark upon us in the future, this is our take on a peek into the future and the changes that we can anticipate. We hope you can explore some of the ideas shared above and incorporate them into your interiors.

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