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Ladies Luncheon with Sheraspace CEO, Co-founder

November 11, 2021 | By

Individualism & equity have always been promoted in Sheraspace’s culture of having an inclusive workplace, while also celebrating unity amidst autonomy. With the team expanding and members onboarded across all departments of the organisation, 50% of the Sheraspace team now has female representation! 

On this occasion, Sheraspace CEO & Co-founder, Sarjeena Maodud, called together a Ladies Luncheon. She says, “While the conversations ranged from hidden talents to career aspirations — my biggest takeaway from spending time with these wonderful women is the reinforcement of my responsibility in ensuring a workplace that is safe, offers equal advancement opportunities for all genders and has equal gender representation on leadership positions.” 

The team members also had the opportunity of discussing their personal goals, hurdles overcome along the way and laugh sharing office stories — alongside a hearty lunch.

The days of Sheraspace’s CEO, Co-founder being the sole female in the team seems long gone and this is a milestone in itself. The team looks forward to celebrating many more such milestones!

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